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The Law School of Peking University and the Intermediate People's Court of Hulunbuir held the signing ceremony of the agreement on Co-construction and cooperation.

In order to enrich the cultural life of retired teachers, enhance the emotional communication among teachers, and convey the humanistic care, Peking University Law School (PKULS) held an annual outing for retired law school teachers on May 30. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the event, PKULS has made detailed arrangements and arrangements from the aspects of event planning, registration organization, transportation arrangement and food preparation. The activity was led by Pu Wendan, Vice Party Secretary and Director of the Administrative Office, Nian Yijia, Assistant Dean and Director of Administrative Office, Jia Weiwei, Deputy Director of Domestic Cooperation Office, and Chen Xiaxian, Secretary of Party, who were responsible for the preparatory work and on-site coordination.


Before leaving, Pu Wendan delivered a speech on behalf of PKULS. First of all, she thanked the retired teachers for their important contribution to the development of Law School. She said that the college has always attached great importance to the retired work and cared about the life of retired teachers. The activity was arranged in detail in advance. She hoped that the teachers would travel safely and happily.

After entering the park, teachers took the battery car fleet prepared by PKULS and followed the route of China pavilion, international pavilion and garden town. Teachers were in high spirits, talking and laughing with former colleagues whom they had not seen for a long time, from national events to daily life, recalling the past years, thinking like water years, recording the beautiful scenery along the way with their cameras, and taking pictures one after another. The oldest teachers in this activity are Zhao Zhenjiang, Yang Diansheng and Zhang Jianchao. Although they are 88 years old, they are walking in a healthy and vigorous pace with the teachers and visiting the park with great interest. Their vigorous appearance shows the happiness and joy of the retired teachers.

Beijing World Horticultural Exposition is located in Yanqing, Beijing, with the theme of "Green Life, Beautiful Home". The World Garden will gather the world's best horticultural products and present a global horticultural feast of world-class and Chinese style, fully demonstrating the latest achievements of human scientific, technological and cultural innovation, and reflecting the aspirations of people all over the world to jointly build a colorful and beautiful home. Teachers feel the development and change of the new era and new technology together, enjoy the happiness of a good time, and enjoy a relaxed and happy atmosphere along the way. With the strong support of our leaders and teachers, and with the active cooperation of retired teachers, the one-day tour was completed safely, smoothly and satisfactorily. After the event, the teachers expressed their great pleasure to participate in this activity and sincerely thanked PKULS for their care for their old age, which made them feel the warmth of family.


Translated by: Ren Danni

Edited by: Xie Zhao