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PKU Institute of International Law  PKU Research Centre for Law and Economics
PKU Institute of Economic Law  PKU Institute of Modern Law
PKU Research Centre for Crime  PKU Real Estate Law Center
PKU Institute of Comparative Law & Sociology of Law  PKU Fiscal Law Research Center
PKU Science & Technology Law Center
PKU  Center  for  Public  Participation  Studies  and  Supports
PKU Center for Hong Kong & Macao Studies  PKU Civil Law Research Centre
PKU Financial Law Research Centre  PKU Corporate Finance & Law Research Centre
PKU Centre for Resources, Energy and Environmental Law Studies
PKU Soft Law Studies
PKU Institute of Labor Law and Social Security Act
PKU  Joint  Center  for  China-US  Law  and  Policy  Studies
PKU Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law Studies
PKU Research Center for Clear Society
PKU Tax Law Research Centre  PKU Center for Charity, Sports and Law
PKU Research Center for NPO Law
PKU-Yale Joint Centre for Law and Policy Reform Studies
PKU Institute of International Economic Law  PKU Research Centre for Competition Law
PKU Maritime Law Research Centre  PKU Corporation and Company Law Research Centre
PKU  Centre  for  People’s  Congress  and  Foreign Legislature Studies
PKU  Centre  for  International  Intellectual  Property Law
PKU  Centre  for  Constitution  Administrative  Law Studies
China’s Centre for Enterprise Legal Risk Management Studies
PKU Institute of Positive Law  PKU Research Centre for Education Law
PKU Centre for WTO Law Study  PKU Law & Development Academ