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A Series of Themed Activities of "Learning, Talking and Observing the Rules" Successfully Held in Law School

From April to May 2019, Law School continued to steadily promote the implementation of the special education program of "Buckle the First Button of Life" launched by Peking University in 2019, and 41 classes with the theme of "Study, Practice and Observe Rules" carried out by the whole court in succession in the form of themed class meeting. The class teachers and class principals shall take the lead in organizing and carrying out the themed class meeting on learning rules and disciplines, formulating the class convention to specify the reward and punishment mechanism, further specifying the bottom line of rules and discipline and cultivating the socialist builders and successors with all-round development in terms of morality, intelligence, sports, and labor, based on the Materials on Lectures on the Theme of "Learning, Discipline and Observance" and the Collection of Cases on the Theme of "Learning, Discipline and Observance" Education Activities in Peking University in 2019.

Based on the Rule Text, Study School Rules and Disciplines

On the basis of vivid cases, each class should return to the text of rules per se by carrying out questions and answers about school rules and disciplines and forming a team for lecturing on school rules and disciplines in the class, and interpreting in detail the text of rules including the Administrative Measures for the Student Status of Undergraduates of Peking University, the Administrative Measures for the Student Status of Postgraduates of Peking University and the Measures for Punishing Students of Peking University for Disciplinary Offences, so that every student will be familiar with, study, and understand the rules, and truly understand school rules and disciplines internally and externally.

Form a Written System and Formulate a Class Convention

On the basis of understanding, mastering and abiding by the school rules and disciplines, each class makes the class convention, manages and serves each class well, builds a positive class atmosphere, improves the class culture, and further strengthens the cohesion and centripetal force of the class.

Utilize Professional Advantage and Strengthen the Consciousness of Rule

In order to make the school rules and disciplines really come into our minds, each class should give full play to the advantages of the major of law, dig out the original meaning and purposes of the norms behind the school rules and disciplines, and help the students to agree with the rules fundamentally and then strictly abide by the rules.


No rules, no square. Learning, observing and abiding by the rules is an important link in buckling up the first button of life, recognizing and abiding by the core values, mainstream values and traditional moral norms. In order to develop smoothly, young people not only need to water and fertilize, but also need to prune, strengthen their sense of rules and bottom line, which is a necessary way to ensure their healthy growth. Law schools will continue to create a "study rules, discipline, discipline," the theme of education atmosphere, do a good job of young students to guide the ideological work for the new generation of young legal people to grow up.


Translated by: Nie Xudong

Edited by: Rosie