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The back-to-school activities of the 2004 IPR 2 Alumni Graduation for the 15th anniversary successfully held

On the morning of May 11, the 2004 IPR 2 Alumni Back to School Symposium was held in Room 307, (Leo) Koguan Building. Zheng Shengli, the professor of the Peking University Law School and Secretary-General of the Intellectual Property Academy, Ma Baoxia, the head teacher of the second intellectual property class in 2004, Dang Shuping, director of the Peking University Law School Alumni work office, and more than 20 alumni attended the symposium. 1995 alumni Wang Danqing, 1999 The alumni Dang Xiaolin participated in the discussion. The event was hosted by Pan Lei alumni.

Back-to-school activity site

At the beginning of the celebration, the host first introduced the present teachers and an overview of the event. Professor Zheng Shengli, Ma Baoxia and Dang Shuping delivered speeches. Professor Zheng Shengli warmly welcomed the alumni to go home, and hoped that the alumni would not forget the source of Peking University, and often go back to school later; Mr. Ma Baoxia recalled the bits and pieces of the past with the 2004 class. Dang Shuping introduced the current situation of law schools and alumni associations to the alumni.

Three teachers gave speeches

Studying in Yanyuan, and teacher is unforgettable. The alumni of the meeting introduced their study, work and family after graduation, and shared their life and work. The students recalled the past in the celebration and talked about the future. They felt that Peking University had cultivated themselves and expressed the feeling of hoping to go back to school.

Presented the 04th back-to-school custom commemorative gift


After the discussion, the alumni presented flowers and customized 2004 souvenirs to the teachers. The teachers distributed alumni souvenirs to the alumni and took photos.

Sending alumni to the 115th anniversary of the law school


After lunch, the alumni visited the Peking University campus and felt that the campus was changing. Subsequently, some alumni drove to the off-campus meeting place to continue their activities.

Take photos in front of the (Leo) Koguan Building of the Law School


On the afternoon of May 12, the alumni who went to Changping activities returned to school, and some of the foreign alumni also embarked on their return journey. The back-to-school activity ended in joy and gratitude.

Taking photos on campus


Translated by: Hou Tingting

Edited by: Jiang Lu