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Law School has made another great achievement at Beijing University Spring Track and Field Games in 2019


From April 19 to 20, the 26th Sports and Culture Festival of Peking University and the Spring Athletics Games of 2019 were successfully held at the May 4th Stadium. The teachers and students of the law school actively participated in the whole project, demonstrating the spirit of the college as a whole, and the spirit of unity and progress.

At the opening ceremony, Pan Jianfeng, Dean of the Law School, Guo Li, Party Secretary, Xue Jun, Deputy Dean of the Law School, Piao Wendan and Lu Jiangnan, Vice Party Secretary, and other college leaders and teachers, formed a team of teachers with tremendous spirit and vigorous strides across the rostrum.

At the same time, the students brought us a wonderful group calisthenics performance "Dream Seeking Along the Law" on the main stage. The enthusiastic and uniform movements fully demonstrated the results of hard training, brimming with the vigor and youth of young students.

During the competition, the teachers and students of the Law School joined the battle, and the members of the team interpreted the spirit pursuit of the PKULS-ers by their practical actions. With the fierce competition, the teachers and students in the stands were also deeply affected and passionate. They cheered the athletes in our hospital with applause and shout one after another. In the 100-meter race, shot put, solid ball throw and other competitions, law school teachers were vigorous, have shown their level and demeanor. In addition, our teacher representatives also participated in many interesting sports such as Caterpillar race, concentric drum, power train and so on, and eventually won the fifth place in the final team. The students in our college are equally ambitious. In the women's group A 200-meter preliminary competition, Chen Zhe got the second best result in the group and won the third place in the final competition. In the women's group A 100 meters, 400 meters, 5000 meters, women's group A shot put, women's sit-ups, men's group A 200 meters, 400 meters, 5000 meters, the law school athletes all performed well.

During the competition, Labor Union, Youth League Committee and Student Union of law school actively provided logistical support for participating teachers and students. Volunteers in the competition venue promptly reminded athletes of the order of attendance, provided drinking water and food, towels and other supplies at any time, and did their best to provide comprehensive and meticulous services for competitors. At the side of the track, photographers also kept pace, recording the unforgettable moments of teachers and students on the field with their cameras. All kinds of intimate services made our athletes feel the warmth of the law school family.

Teachers and students of Law School united and cooperated in the sports field. Their excellent performance fully demonstrated the charm and elegance of the PKULS-ers. It was an important guide for the young PKULS-ers to cultivate a strong physique and a sound personality. It was also of great significance for further building a good atmosphere of the college's National fitness.

Translated by: Chen Qingqing

Edited by: Xie Zhao