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Law School “Heart and Law Workshop”——“Pressure Management Workshop” was successfully held

On the evening of March 22, the “Heart and Law Workshop” sponsored by the Student Affairs Office of the Law School – “Pressure Management Workshop” was successfully held at the King&Wood Law Student Club in Room B104, Koguan Building. The event invited Zhang Yingjun, a doctor of clinical and consulting psychology at Tsinghua University and a group psychologist, to be the keynote speaker. Zhang Dongxiao, Deputy Director of the Student Affairs Office of the School of Law, served as the moderator. “Heart and Law Workshop” had the theme of “stress management” and had attracted many teachers and students to participate.



First of all, Teacher Zhang introduced the theoretical knowledge of group psychology. Later, he led the students into the stress management exercise through the “Dragon's Successor” collaborative game, which enabled the students to have a systematic understanding of stress management in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. In the free communication session, Mr. Zhang handsome divided the students into three groups. The members of each group completed the corresponding psychological test questions and confided their own pressures, and learned how to trust, accept and integrate in communication. Finally, under the guidance of Mr. Zhang, the students showed their pressure, the way to solve the pressure and the state after the solution through painting. The students have gained a lot of ways to cope with the pressure in the process of sharing the painting.



 "Heart and Law Workshop" is a series of activities organized by Peking University Law School to promote the development of students' mental health and help young legal persons to build their dreams and grow up healthily. This year's "Heart and Law Workshop" uses "Happy and Good, there is always a way for you" for the theme of the event, inviting experts to bring a variety of educational experiences to the participating students. Based on the form of group psychological counseling, this activity uses positive psychology concepts to strengthen the important role of interpersonal relationships in responding to individuals, and assists students to find their own active resources and develop positive strategies to cope with stress. At the same time, through group experience, it helps students develop positive emotions and hopes, and promote happy life and healthy growth of students.