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The Peking University Team Won the Chinese Championship in the 2019 International Criminal Court Moot Court Competition

From 22 to 24 March, the 2019 International Criminal Court Moot Court Competition was held in Changping Campus of China University of Political Science and Law. The Peking University team, composed of law students, won the championship and successfully advanced to the upcoming International Finals in The Hague, the Netherlands.


The team was coached by Professor Qiao Yifu and Cao Xiangchen, a 2016 undergraduate. Du Zhonghua, Chen Xinyi and Xu Zhanghang are the team members who play on the court. Mei Yilai, a 2016 undergraduate, and Zhang Shiyi, a 2017 undergraduate, are the team members who mainly do research work.



In the tense three-day competition, the team of Peking University Law School won four matches in succession and won the championship all the way through. At the same time, Du Zhonghua won the award of "Best Prosecutor" and Xu Zhanghang won the award of "Best Defender". Since the formation of the team in September last year, all the team members devoted themselves to preparing calmly, read a large number of professional works and classical cases, carried out detailed research and intense discussion, wrote and revised the written form many times, and carried out strict intensive training after the Spring Festival. On the court, the students of Peking University Law School showed a high level of international legal literacy and understanding of international hot issues. At the same time, they won the unanimous appreciation of judges for their excellent English proficiency, excellent court skills and unique personal style.


The team members were carefully guided by Teacher Qiao Yifu, Teacher Wang Xin and Teacher Chen Yifeng of the Law School, with the valuable support of lawyers Jake Clark and Nie Xiaoyang, as well as 2012 undergraduate students Liu Minghe, 2018 master students Fan Xiaolu, 2015 undergraduate students Shen Yiming, Leiqi, Zhang Jisen, 2016 undergraduate students Su Shirui, Chen Haiwen, Wang Xinyu, Lu Zi.Kuan and Feng Ruoning, and 2015 undergraduate student Jin Yuanyuan with their advice and help. Law School Youth League Committee and other departments have provided sufficient logistical support and spiritual support for the team members.


The International Criminal Court, formally established on July 1, 2000, is the first permanent international criminal judicial organ established by the international community. It plays a very important role in combating international crime and establishing a unified international criminal law system. Although China has not yet acceded to the Statute of the International Criminal Court, our government has always supported the punishment of crimes that seriously endanger the common interests of human society, and has always paid attention to the work of the International Criminal Court. The International Criminal Court Moot Court Competition is one of the most famous global moot court competitions in the field of international law. It is organized by the Graucius Center for International Law Studies of Leighton University and supported by the International Criminal Court. It aims to enable students from the world top international universities to better understand the International Criminal Court and its procedures, and to guide outstanding young students to work hand in hand to protect the common interests of human society.


The success of the competition reflects the solid foundation of theoretical teaching, outstanding level of practical education and outstanding achievements in steadily promoting the internationalization of Peking University Law School. We wish the Peking University team another great success in the International Finals of the International Criminal Court Moot Court Competition in 2019.



Translated by:Huang Lianggui

Edited by: Zhu Mengyuan