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The Law Culture Festival of Peking University Opened Successfully

  With the theme of "youth building dreams and presenting youth according to the law ", the law culture festival of Peking University, a brand activity of Peking University Law School every spring semester, grandly opened on March 15. The 2019 law culture festival of Peking University was jointly organized by the Institute for Student Law Education of Higher Education and Peking University Law School.

  At noon, the "March 15 Consumer Rights and Interests Protection Day" about the legal consultation and legal culture festival, organized by Peking University legal aid association, was conducted smoothly on the north side of the New Sun Building. In the festival, teachers and students participated in the contest and answered questions about the legal knowledge related to the protection of consumer rights and interests by means of melodrama. After the interesting game, everyone took photos in front of the publicity board of the law culture festival.




  In the evening, the opening lecture "why for the home country of the world" was successfully held in the lecture hall on the first floor of Koguan Building. More than 200 students, teachers and alumni attended the lecture. The lecture was given by Prof. Zhu Suli of Law School and hosted by Bian Letian, master of law of the class of 2018.



  First of all, Prof. Zhu Suli interpreted the theme of the lecture and explained the concepts of "home", "state" and "world" respectively. Then, he chose China's geographical environment as the starting point to illustrate the importance of "country" and the reason why China is a unified multi-ethnic country since the ancient time. Besides, he emphasized on the inseparable relationship about "home","country" and "world". Prof. Zhu then put forward suggestions and expectations to young law persons, and he made everyone aware that learning the construction of the system cannot rely on idealism and should think more about living environment, comprehensive factors such as natural geography, history and culture. Furthermore, Prof. Zhu encouraged youth to concern about the life details, study interdisciplinary, and constantly expand their horizons.



  During the Q&A session, the audience asked questions eagerly, and Prof. Zhu patiently answered them one by one. He pointed that the feeling about the country and the world is a serious attitude and should become a practical behavior, rather than an empty slogan.

  After Prof. Zhu's narration on the feelings of home, the audience learned to explore the new perspective of Chinese civilization. Prof. Zhu's lecture ignited the young lawyers' fighting spirit to become excellent legal talents with the motherland in mind and the world in view. Also, this excellent lecture marked the successful opening of the legal culture festival of Peking University in 2019. In the next three months, Peking University Law School will hold various activities such as famous forums, tea salons, law film exhibitions, and moot court competitions to present a gluttony feast integrating culture, entertainment, education and innovation for all teachers and students!