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The second classroom to practice of law school has yielded fruitful results In 2018

  As an integral part of students' comprehensive quality training and campus culture construction, the School of Law has long been committed to promoting the “Young Lawyers' Second Class Growth and Talents Program”. In 2018, the School of Law strengthened the collaborative innovation of all aspects of talent training, based on its own characteristics, focused on the needs of youth, focused on building a platform, continued to promote the practice of educating people, and actively encouraged and guided students to participate in various second class activities, with frequent success.

  Extracurricular academic practice: be determined to innovate and improve overall quality

  Extracurricular academic practice is an important extension and useful supplement of classroom education. It is of great significance to build a campus academic culture atmosphere and cultivate high-quality talents with both learning ability, practical ability and innovative ability. 

  The School of Law actively encourages students to participate in various academic competitions represented by the “Challenge Cup”. In the 26th "Challenge Cup" series of Peking University, the cooperation works of 2015 undergraduates Lei Qi, Bao Siyu, Yan Danhua and Jing Bingyue "walking out of the labor relationship under the sharing economy -online car-hailing as an example" won the first prize of the May Fourth Youth Science Awards undergraduate group, 2015 undergraduate student Wang Min participated in "After the Smile: Analysis of the Living Status and Needs of Children in Distress"  obtained the second prize in interdisciplinary academic science and technology competition.

  Social practice: knowing what is right and doing,  to be a person who chasing the truth and  the dream

  For a long time, the School of Law has responded positively to General Secretary Xi Jinping’s call for “doing as knowing, to be a practicer”, attaching importance to the social practice activities of college students, supporting young legal persons to go to the grassroots level, focus on society, and to be educated, talented and to contribute in social practice.

  In the 2018 summer social practice activities of Peking University, a number of student practice groups of the law school went to various places to carry out a series of practical activities with the theme of “Being a patriotic patriotic and inspiring person, striving for truth and fulfilling the dream”, and obtained the form. Diverse and practical results with considerable practical significance are fruitful. The Law School Youth League won the Outstanding Organizational Unit Award, the teacher Shishi won the Outstanding Instructor Award, the Law School Practice Group who went to the Nanjing and other four teams won the Outstanding Practice Team Award, and Ding Chenyan and other five students won the Outstanding Practice Leader Award, Guo Jingpu and other six students won the Individual Award for Outstanding Practice.


"Inheriting the spirit of the ancestors and establishing the sense of responsibility in the legal person era” Practice Group of Law School to Jiangxi Nanchang


Student Practice Group of Law School Visits Jiangsu Court Executive Command Center


Student Practice Group of Law School Visits Jiangsu Higher People's Court


At the same time, the law school strongly supports the encouragement of the outstanding student party branch to go to the grassroots level and build up with the grassroots party organizations in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. In the practice exchanges between counterparts, the students of the law school students heard the "smoke and fire" and stepped on the "country soil" to combine the concrete practice of legal professional knowledge with the ideology of the mass line, and effectively enhance the creativity of the student party branch. In 2018, the law school has two student party branches participating in the red “1+1” activities of Beijing universities. Among them, the 2017 LL.M. The 2nd Party Branch was awarded the Excellence Award.

Video Screenshot of 2017 LL.M. 2nd Party Branch’s Results presentation


The 1st Party Branch of the 2017 Master of Law and the Bajiazhuang Village of Taishi Town, Miyun District


  Volunteer Service: Concentrate on youth power and practice the ideal of the rule of law

  For a long time, the School of Law has attached great importance to the work of youth volunteer service. The concept of volunteer service, which combines the strength of youth, the ideal of the rule of law, and the spirit of volunteerism, runs through the whole process of volunteer service, and forms the publicity and education activities for the youth of the "Captain of Youth". Volunteer explanation, "315" consumer rights day publicity activities, "124" national constitution day publicity activities, daily legal aid consultation volunteer services, long-term and short-term combined volunteer service brand activities, and strive to create excellent and unique youth legal person volunteer service culture.

  In the 2017-2018 Young University Volunteer Appraisal Awards, the Law School Youth League won the Outstanding Organizational Unit Award, and the Legal Aid Association's “Legal Counseling and Popularization” Volunteer Service Award won the Young Volunteer Outstanding Project Award, Law School Level 2018 Master graduate Liu Ji, 2015 undergraduate student Liang Wenjing and 2018 graduate student Zhang Xi won the outstanding individual gold, silver and bronze awards of young volunteers.

  Among them, Liu Ji, a 2018 graduate student of the School of Law, was the first member of the Peking University Education Group to sink the southern Xinjiang. He overcomes the difficulties of life and work and went deep into the poverty-stricken education in the hinterland of the Taklimakan Desert. He was praised for his outstanding teaching experience and dedication to won the title “Peking University Student of the Year” in 2018.


Liu Ji (fourth from the back row) and a group of students from the Bakdun Village Primary School in Tawakule Township, Hetian County, South Xinjiang


Law school volunteers promote the popularization of the northern master students in the triangle


Volunteers of the Legal Aid Association carried out a group photo of the “12·4” National Constitution Day


Court debate: stimulating talents and cultivating outstanding legal talents

In 2018, the Faculty of Law School achieved outstanding results in many legal practice events at home and abroad.

From February 24th to 26th, the Peking University team formed by law school students won the championship in the 16th Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition China Division. This is the fifth time that the Peking University team won the Chinese Championship. Law school's 2014 undergraduate student Li Xiaolan won the best debater award, and the team won the best book award for the party's complaint. 



From March 17th to 18th, the Peking University team composed of law students won the first prize in the 2018 International Criminal Court Moot Court Competition China Competition. 



  On July 28th, the 4th "Nuremberg International Moot Court Competition" came to a close in Germany. The Peking University team composed of law students successfully advanced to the quarterfinals and won the best indictment award. Law School's 2017 undergraduate students Jiang Wanghao and Jin Yuanyuan, the 2016 undergraduate student Chen Xinyi won the honorary title of “Best Debater” and “Excellent Debater” for many times. 



On November 23rd, the Peking University team formed by law students stood out from the 56 participating teams after fierce competition. They won the runner-up of the 16th “Tongzhong Cup” International Commercial Arbitration Simulation Arbitration Tribunal and won the most Good book award. Law School's 2018 LL.M. Wu Yuyang won the title of “Best Debater” in the quarter-finals. The 2016 undergraduate Yu Yang won the title of “Best Debater” in the round robin. The 2015 undergraduate Sun Xiaohan won the “Outstanding Contribution Award” .



  On November 25th, the Peking University team formed by law school students won the championship in the 12th China Red Cross International Humanitarian Law Moot Court Competition, and the law school 2017 undergraduate Jin Yuanyuan won the “Best Finalist”. The title, 2017-level undergraduate Jiang Wanghao won the title of “Second Prosecutor of the First Proceedings”. 



  In 2018, the law school debate team scored equally well. In the 17th Beijing University Leaders Debate Competition of Peking University, which was attended by 25 faculty teams for two months, the law school debate team won the championship and won the “Sharpness of Peking University” for the fourth time. Feng "champion trophy. Li Haolin, a senior undergraduate student, was named the best debater. The fourth debater undergraduate student Wang Yuting won the Best Style Award. 



  In the "Learn to Think Cup" Peking University 13th New Student Cup debate, the law school debate team and the mathematics science college debate team competed on the same stage, and the debate on the topic "stubborn opinion / blindly from the big stream is more sad" The competition won the championship. For the first time, the law school won the championship of the Newborn Cup debate, and Liu Lijing, a 2018 undergraduate student, was named the best debater in the audience. 



Stylistic activities: shining in the campus, showing youthful style

  In 2018, law school students also performed well in various cultural and sports events in the school.

  After two months of wholehearted rehearsal and meticulous preparation, the law school teachers and students performed well on the Peking University’s 83rd anniversary song party held on December 9th, which is to memorialize the 12·9 Movement, with a passionate Under the bright sunshine, stood out from the participating teams of the various departments, and ranked third in the third group with a high score of 94.30, showing the spirit of the high-level legal person.



  In the 2018 Newborn Cup series of sports competitions, the teams of the law school worked hard and demonstrated a good sense of teamwork and competitive sports. Among them, the badminton team won the third place in the group, the table tennis project won the second place in the men's singles, and the law school men's basketball team successfully advanced to the top eight. In the 2018 Autumn Games, the School of Law won the Best Organization Award.




  On the evening of December 21st, the final of the 15th “Speech Top Ten” contest of Peking University was held in the Sunshine Hall of Yingjie Exchange Center. After two rounds of keynote speeches and impromptu speeches, Liu Ji and Chen Yingzhong, 2018 graduate students of Law School, stood out from the 15 finalists and won the title of “Top Ten Speeches”. Liu Ji won the championship with the first place in total score, and Chen Yingzhong won the first prize. The two players started from the perspective of what they saw, focused on the status quo of the society, and told their understanding of the new era. They showed the broad vision, profound thoughts and ideals and responsibilities of the younger generation of Peking University. The Law School Youth League has won the Outstanding Organization Award.


Peking University's fifteenth student "Top Ten Speech" Competition,Liu Ji 


  A healthy and positive, up-to-good network culture atmosphere is an important aspect of showing the good spirit of young legal persons. In the 4th Campus Network Culture Festival of Peking University, the “Peking University Law School Student Union” WeChat public number received a lot of attention and forwarding based on its content which is based on demand and close to life. It was awarded the best communication award by the “New Youth of Peking University, in 2018”—The New Media Operations Exhibition.



  As a key part of the talent training system of law school, the "Young Lawyers' Second Class Growth and Talents Program" focuses on improving the overall quality of students, and plays a role in shaping a healthy personality, inspiring creative potential, fostering innovation awareness, and prospering campus culture. In the future, the School of Law will continue to integrate and expand resources, improve the content and organization of the second classroom activities of innovation, and strive to strengthen collaborative innovation with teaching, scientific research, international and domestic cooperation, encourage students to broaden their horizons, expand their cognitive extension, and develop. All aspects of interest and talents lay a more solid foundation for cultivating outstanding applied, compound and international legal talents.