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The 14th lecture of Peking University Economic Law Forum was successfully held

12th December, 2018, 19:00-21:30, The 14th lecture of Peking University Economic Law Forum “Difficulties in the Taxation of Assets and Products and Future Research Directions”, was successfully held in the 303 conference room, (Leo) Koguan Building, Peking University Law School. The lecture was co-sponsored by Peking University Institute of Economic Law, Peking University Tax Law Research Center and Peking University Corporate Finance and Law Research Center. Professor Ye Shan, Director of Tax Law Research Center, presided over the lecture. The presenter is Dr. Zhao Guoqing, National Technical Director and Partner of Zhonghui Tax Group, Professor Liu Yan, Director of the Center for Corporate Finance and Legal Studies, and Professor Peng Bing, Deputy Director of the Financial Law Research Center, as a guest speaker, Professor Zhang Shouwen, Director of the Institute of Economic Law, summarized the lecture. This lecture attracted a large number of undergraduates from the Peking University Law School and brother colleges, graduate students majoring in economic law, as well as tax authorities, China Fund Industry Association and other people from all walks of life.



Dr. Zhao Guoqing started from the interpretation of taxation policy, focusing on the identification of the taxpayer identity of asset management products, the coordination of the definition of guaranteed and non-guaranteed tax and the definition of law, and the research on taxation, legal and financial coordination in asset securitization. He introduced the difficult problems in the taxation of current asset management products and the future research direction for the teachers and students. They are rich in content and unique in opinion, and are well received.



In the interactive session, Prof. Peng Bing and Prof. Liu Yan successively conducted in-depth exchanges and interactions with Dr. Zhao Guoqing on the legal, accounting, tax and other professional contents in the taxation of asset management products. Finally, Professor Zhang Shouwen summed up and highly praised the wonderful lecture given by Dr. Zhao Guoqing, the special speaker, and especially thanked the two guests for their insights on this topic from different angles. This lecture gave the audience a deeper understanding and understanding of the highly professional content of taxation of asset management products.


Translated by: Wang Mi

Edited by: Nie Xudong