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Two PhDs of our college went to Indonesia to participate in the 2018 Asian University Alliance Youth Forum

On November 12-16, 2018, at the invitation of the University of Indonesia, more than forty student representatives from 15 universities from the Asian University Alliance went to Bali, Indonesia to participate in the 2018 Asian University Alliance (AUA) Youth Forum. Dr. He Yongjie and Wang Yuteng, who are jointly trained by our institute and the Institute of Ocean Research of Peking University, were invited to attend the conference.



Director of the Indonesian University Maritime Center (IMC) Ir. Sunaryo issued a certificate of completion for the student representative. The second from left is He Yongjie and the fourth from left is Wang Yuteng.

In response to the fourteenth “Life Below Water” of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – Conservation and Sustainable Use of Marine and Marine Resources for Sustainable Development, this Youth Forum is entitled “Ocean Preservation”. The theme, in the form of marine academic reports, marine environmental activities, and marine thematic reports, explores topics such as how to prevent and reduce marine pollution, how to reduce and respond to ocean acidification, and how to manage fisheries, aquaculture and tourism sustainably.


Participant's photo


The forum first carried out many wonderful academic reports on marine development strategy, marine ecological protection, marine pollution emergency response, new marine technology research and development, and marine economic development.

On this basis, the forum organized students to participate in the practice of beach garbage cleaning and green shopping bag making volunteers initiated by marine environmental protection organizations Trash Hero and Bye Bye Plastic Bags. The students recalled that although the beaches and rubbish activities made everyone sweat, the pride of participating in the public welfare practice of marine protection and the international friendship that was harvested were unforgettable.


Students participate in the cleanup of beach garbage public welfare activities


Participants taking photos at the beach


Students make green shopping bags


On the last day of the group report, Wang Yiteng and He Yongjie, two student representatives, presented the results of the learning exchanges in the form of dramas and speech reports on the two themes of “how to improve the marine economy” and “sustainable fisheries”. The infectious form and the in-depth explanations are well received.

The 2018 Asian University Youth Forum, held in Indonesia, the first place to build the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, creates a public opinion base for the relationship between the two countries through exchanges, mutual exchanges, academic exchanges and interconnections among young scholars. Good condition.



Participants' photo


Participants' photo