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The “N kinds of possibilities of legal persons” of the Law School Talent Salon was successfully held

On the evening of November 25th, the “N kinds of possibilities of legal persons” of the 11th Beijing University Law School Talent Salon was successfully held in the 80th class classroom of Koguan Building. This salon was jointly sponsored by the Law School Career Development Office and the Master of Laws Association. The event was invited to the 2015 Law Masters Alumni Huang Manxi, the 2015 Law Masters Alumni Pan Yueqiang, the 2016 LL.M. Alumni Han Yanting, He Zheng and Wang Yi'an. These excellent graduates from different industries are the keynote speakers. Guo Xingzhi, deputy director of the Law School's Career Development Office, attended the event. The event was hosted by Zhou Yuansong, a member of the Professional Development Department of the Master of Laws. 



The event was divided into two parts. The first part was centered on “sharing”, and the five guests presented their own job search. The second part is centered on “answers”, and the guests will answer the confusion about the career path proposed by the audience. 



At the beginning of the event, Huang Mangxi, who was the first to share the guests, shared her job search and work sentiment at the China Government Securities Depository Trust & Clearing Co., Ltd., and sorted out the whole process of recruitment for the students. She believes that the preparation of the autumn tricks should be done as soon as possible. In the process of job hunting, the beautiful resumes, the outstanding professional scores and English proficiency and the internship experience related to the target positions are the key to the recruitment season. In the job search process, you can think of yourself as a unique plant seed, choose the soil environment that suits you, regularly water the matching skills, and maintain a mentality of delayed satisfaction. 



Immediately afterwards, Pan Yueqiang, who worked at the General Office of the State Council, shared his experience in public service, the career development and living conditions of civil servants. He also shared the skills of making resumes and improving the initial screening rate of resumes on his own experience and experience in job hunting. For the choice of students in the school law, he suggested that students use the internship opportunities to experience the working and living conditions of different industries, and use the exclusion method to finally find a career development direction that suits them.



Subsequently, Han Yanting from the Capital Compliance and Legal Department of Minmetals Capital Co., Ltd. shared the focus on the working environment of financial central enterprises, the content of capital compliance work, and how French students could choose between academic and practical. In her view, from the choice of the work of the facts to the decision to enter the development of financial central enterprises, she gradually understood herself and find her own process through continuous internship and consulting with the older generation.



Later, He Zheng shared his work, who worked at the Second Intermediate People's Court in Beijing. He shared the origins and job-seeking process of his choice to enter the court, as well as the impact of the current judicial reform under the judicial reform. He also shared the career development and living conditions of the first-time court as a judge assistant. In terms of career planning and development, he believed that from the perspective of the long-term development of court workers, the breadth of career planning, the proficiency of office software, the ability of case studies, the level of writing, and the love of work had determined the occupational height of people to a certain extent.



The last guest to share was Wang Yi'an from the Beijing Representative Office of the US Shida Law Firm. She first shared her internship and work experience and sentiment. She said that in other legal professions, lawyers are a profession with high fault tolerance and high mobility, and a career for lifelong learning and constant farewell. She also elaborated on how to plan the internship experience of the law firm, how to make choices in the direction of litigation and non-litigation, and the skills of written interviews.



After a short break, the event enters the second session. The host interviewed and asked five guests about a series of issues of common concern to the students. The guests made a humorous and detailed answer based on their internship, job search and work experience. In a warm and lively atmosphere, the event entered the free questioning session. The students on the scene put forward various personalized questions for the industries they are interested in. The guests responded and answered them one by one. 



After a warm free exchange session, the moderator announced the successful conclusion of the talent salon. The Talent Salon and Career Development Exchange is one of the brand activities of the Law School Career Development Office and the Master of Laws Association. This year's salon is co-hosted by both parties to better realize the effect of humanized service students and precise guidance of employment. The event set up a platform for communication between law school students and young alumni who have just stepped into the professional talent market. The tree planted by previous graduates is better able to benefit future students and make every youth Legal person can reach their own industries and have a fruitful career.