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The Twelfth Lecture of Peking University Economic Law Forum successfully held

On November 12, 2018, from 14:00 to 16:30, the twelfth academic lecture of Peking University Economic Law Forum, "Construction of Real Estate Tax System and Macro-control of Real Estate Market" was successfully held in Classroom 407, Third Teaching Building, Peking University. Under the chairmanship of Professor Ye Shan, School of Law, Peking University, Professor Huang Maorong, Professor Zhang Shouwen, Director of the Institute of Economic Law, Peking University, as the guest of comment, attracted many undergraduates from Peking University Law School, postgraduate students majoring in economic law, and others. Students from other majors were present to listen. In addition, Hong Yanrong, Associate Professor, School of Law, Peking University, Wei Jianguo, Deputy Director, Institute of Education and Finance, Peking University, Yao Jia, Deputy Editorial Director, Global Legal Review, Law Institute, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Ge Min, Associate Professor, Law Department, Agricultural University of China, Law School, Central University of Finance and Economics Associate Professor Guo Weizhen and other colleagues in the field of economic law attended the lecture. The meeting is divided into three keynote speeches. The first speech was entitled “The revision of the “Copyright Law of the Internet era”, under the auspices of Professor Yi Jiming of the Law School of Peking University, Professor Wan Yong of the Law School of Renmin University of China, Deputy Director of the China Music Copyright Association, and General Counsel Liu. Mr. Ping, Professor Yang Ming of Peking University School of Law, and Mr. Liu Xiaochun, Executive Director of the Internet Legal Research Center of the University of Social Sciences of China made corresponding keynote speeches respectively. Prof. Li Yufeng of Southwest University of Political Science and Law and Associate Prof. Xiao Zhiyuan, Vice President of Law School of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law Field Topics speak with people. At the end of the talks, the participants held a lively and free discussion on the theme of this field.




Professor Huang Maorong takes the construction of real estate tax system and macro-control of real estate market in Taiwan as the main line, and makes theoretical analysis from four aspects: the current situation of real estate tax system construction in Taiwan, the original target of real estate tax system and its review, the current situation of real estate market and macro-control of real estate industry. Professor Huang Maorong pointed out that there is still room for development and improvement of the real estate tax system on the basis of analyzing the relevant tax law and property law. In addition, Professor Huang Maorong also emphasized that there may be duplicate taxation between real estate tax and income tax, housing deed tax and business tax. Finally, Professor Huang Maorong emphasized that the construction of social public housing is of great significance to the stable development of economy and society.




During the interactive question-and-answer session, the students closely followed the theme and actively asked questions. Professor Huang Maorong answered the students' questions carefully, and the discussion atmosphere was warm. Finally, Professor Zhang Shouwen made a penetrating summary of the lecture, highly affirming Professor Huang Maorong's profound accomplishments in tax law and civil law and his research pattern of building a high house, integrating, commanding the whole situation and broadening his horizon. This lecture has helped students broaden their understanding of the construction of the real estate tax system and the macro-control of the real estate market.