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2017-2018 “Baozhen Prize” Award Ceremony was Successfully Held

On the afternoon of November 14, the awarding ceremony of the 2007-2018 “Baozhen Prize” was successfully held in Room 303 of Leo Building. Mr. Shen Feng, a relative of Teacher Li Baozhen, and Mr. Zhao Xiaohai, an alumnus of Grade 85, attended the ceremony. The award-winning teachers Yang Ming, Wang Ju and Huang Chen, Lu Jiangnan, Vice Party Secretary of PKULS, Shi Shi, Secretary of Youth League Committee, Hou Le, Secretary of Career Development Office, full-time counselor Lu Min, and Zhang Dongxiao, deputy director of Student Affairs Office attended the ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Mr. Lu Jiangnan.

At the beginning of the ceremony, all participants watched a short film on selection process of “Baozhen Prize” and work experience of award-winning head teachers. Subsequently, representatives of prize founder awarded the prizes to the winners and took a group photo.



At the ceremony, the representatives of the award-winning head teachers shared their work experience and feelings, expressed gratitude to prize founder as well as college and mourned for Teacher Li Baozhen.

Next, the representatives of prize founder made speeches in turn to congratulate the award-winning teachers. They hoped “Baozhen Prize” could inspire more excellent teachers to serve as head teachers and make more contributions to talents training of PKULS.

Finally, Mr. Lu Jiangnan congratulated the four awarded teachers and emphasized the purpose of the establishment of “Baozhen Prize”. He expressed gratitude to Mr. Li Baozhen's relatives and 85 undergraduate alumni for setting up such a prize, which effectively stimulated head teachers and greatly promoted the development of the work of head teachers. After the ceremony, all the participants took a group photo. 



Translated by: Tang Li

Edited by: Nie Xudong