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"LL.M. Program in Chinese Law" Students Visited Jun He Law Firm

In the morning of November 2nd, 2018, Teacher Liang Xian took "LL.M. Program in Chinese Law" students and some exchange students to visit Beijing Jun He Law Firm. As they arrived at 10:00 a.m., partner lawyers Bai Tao, Shi Xinyue and staff members gave them a warm welcome.

Firstly, Mr. Shi Xinyue, a partner of Jun He Law Firm, introduced to students the general information of Jun He, such as its development history, current business fields, honors, types of clients and new employees' training lessons. Lawyer Shi also shared with students some public welfare activities and unique recreational activities carried out by Jun He Law Firm in recent years. The excellent introduction by lawyer Shi has triggered great interests in students about Jun He .



Soon afterwards, lawyers Shi Xinyue and Bai Tao had a deeper communication with students. Some students raised questions of their own interests to two lawyers, including current situations of Jun He’s oversea offices, lawyers changing their areas, international cooperation projects, influences of "one belt and one road" strategy on the law firm, cultivation for young lawyers, the future development prospects, salary, internship opportunities and so on. Two lawyers patiently and meticulously answered their questions. They interacted with each other in a lively and relaxed atmosphere and time passed unconsciously.



After the interaction session, two partners and staffs of Jun He Law Firm took photos with PKU teacher and students. Students said this activity gave them a preliminary understanding of the basic situation of the "Red Circle" law firms represented by Jun He Law Firm, and a deeper understanding of the lawyer profession.