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PKULS teachers and students visited Beijing W&H Law Firm and hold alumni face to face Career Development Sharing Conference

On the morning of October 25, 2018, Ms. Dang Shuping, the director of PKULS Alumni Work Office, and the deputy director Lu Xinxin led 66 students to visit Beijing W&H Law Firm.

Founded in 1995, Beijing W&H Law Firm is a well-known large law firm in China. It has established 27 branches in different cities at home and abroad, with more than 1,600 practicing lawyers and more than 400 assistants. W&H law firm has been selected as a national outstanding law firm by the China Lawyers Association.. The staff of Beijing W&H Law Firm warmly received the students of our school and conducted the activities of the law firm and face-to-face exchanges. The students benefited a lot.



First of all, under the leadership of Mr. Yan Tao, the director of the company's legal affairs department, the law school students visited the first-class work environment of W&H and learned about the development history and corporate culture of the company. The professional and modern office environment and the enriched lawyer life have aroused the students' great interest in the lawyer industry, and also encouraged everyone's ardent desire to accumulate legal knowledge and exercise legal ability



Afterwards, the lawyers had a discussion with the students in the two conference rooms. The first exchange meeting was hosted by Xiao Jun, PKULS's 2010 Master's Alumni and W&H Senior Partner. Li Jun, the secretary of the Disciplinary Committee of Beijing W&H Law Firm, and Han Xiaotian, a 2010 alumnus of PKULS, have shared their experiences. At the beginning of the symposium, Li Jun gave a brief introduction to Beijing W&H Law Firm, and carried out in depth from the two aspects of party building work and public welfare assistance. Lawyer Li Jun said that while a good law firm is doing its own business construction, it must also bear social responsibility. The “legal village residence” project that is connected with the village and town is continuously carried out, and the public welfare legal service department is specially established to encourage and support the provision of legal service assistance funds.



In the second exchange meeting, Yan Tao, a senior partner of Beijing W&H Law Firm, shared his judge's experience with the students. He said that lawyers should not only attach importance to the identification of laws in court, but also pay attention to the identification of facts. Good professional skills and legal literacy are crucial to the career of legal persons. Attorney Ying Feibiao defined the lawyer as a persuader, not only to convince his clients, but also to convince the judge. Lawyers should pay attention to the cultivation of expressive and logical skills. Attorney Sun Yu, in conjunction with his experience in college, shared his own reasons for choosing to be a lawyer, and reminded students that theory and practice cannot be neglected.



At the exchange meeting, the students raised questions about the specific problems of internships and job hunting. The seniors of Beijing W&H Law Firm gave them meticulous and patient answers. They jointly mentioned that the law is a process of long-term learning and life-long precipitation. At present, students should be clear about their interests and ambitions. This is the source of support for learning law. The next step is to consolidate the legal knowledge base, strive to improve their thinking level. The final step is to precipitate themselves in practice, practice skills and abilities, accumulate experience. Finally, they also said that the essence of lawyers is actually justice. They hopes that we can study hard and become a legal person who can afford to maintain social order.



Finally, Ms. Dang Shuping and Ms. Lu Xinxin expressed their gratitude to the lawyers for their meticulous and patient answers. Mr. Dang Shuping said that he is very grateful to the company for providing such valuable learning opportunities for the students of the school, and deeply impressed the business ability, cultural atmosphere and party building work of the law firm, and encouraged the students to learn and carry forward this spirit of legal person who is "down-to-earth, hard-working, and brave in taking social responsibility". She hoped that Peking University Law School can continue to strengthen cooperation with W&H, use the example of excellent alumni to guide students to rapid growth and progress, and fully carry forward the spirit of "Peking University legal person".




Translated by: Hu Hongliang

Edited by: Chen Qingqing