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“Naturally”: Alumni Dong Jianshuang's Works Exhibition Was Held at Peking University

On November 10th, Peking University Law School alumni and artist Dong Jianshuang successfully held the first large-scale solo exhibition "Naturally" in the centennial hall of Peking University. A total of nearly 80 oil paintings were exhibited in this exhibition, which is a representative work of Dong Jianshuang's painting creation. Including the first phase of the "Scenic and Still Life Sketch Series", the second phase of "Echo of the Ancient World" and the recent "Filter Time". The exhibition was hosted by Alumni Association of Peking University Law School, and assisted by the Painting and Calligraphy Association of Beijing University Alumni Association. The exhibition was led by Prof. Wu Zhipan, a consultant of the Peking University Alumni Association, and was curated by the Deputy Dean of the Law School, Yang Xiaolei.

The exhibition attracted the attention of guests from various fields. More than 60 guests from the legal, financial, business and art circles attended the opening ceremony. This exhibition will last until November 15, 2018.



"Naturally" is the name that Prof. Wu Zhipan specially chose for this exhibition. It also reflects the artistic concept and code of conduct that the artist herself respects and practically implements. The exhibition attempts to help people construct a beautiful and bright future for the society and the world through two different angles and ways of law and art.

Prof. Wu Zhipan, Consultant of Beijing University Alumni Association, Prof. Pan Jianfeng, Dean of Peking University Law School, Dr. Zhu Qi, a famous art critic and independent curator, attended the ceremony and delivered speeches.


Prof. Wu Zhipan


In his speech, Prof. Wu Zhipan, first welcomed the return of Dong Jianshuang alumni to her alma mater to hold a painting exhibition and wished the exhibition a complete success. When talking about Dong Jianshuang's works, he said, "The lineage of the color formation of Dunhuang murals in the Tang Dynasty in China seems to have some connection with the color of the sword frost. Perhaps she borrowed the colors of the religious murals of the Tang Dynasty? Perhaps the ancient murals of European churches. The mottled color? The warm colors and gentle light on her picture are full of the mystery of the East and the solemn sense of Western religion."


Dean Pan Jianfeng


Pan Jianfeng, Dean of Peking University Law School, said in his speech that he was very pleased to see the great achievements of Dong Jianshuang alumni in the field of art, and he was sincerely happy and loyal to this. At the same time, he also expressed his high expectations for the students of the law school. He hoped that everyone can follow the example of excellent people and strive to pursue their own ideals of life.


Dr. Zhu Qi


Zhu Qi, a famous art critic and independent curator, spoke highly of the artistic value of Dong Jianshuang's oil painting. He said that artists are not necessarily born in the class. Dong Jianshuang's painting skills are very solid. In recent years, her progress has been remarkable. He is gratified by the achievements of Dong Jianshuang. He wished that Jianshuang would have more gains on the road of art.


Dong Jianshuang


In her speech, the painter Dong Jianshuang said, "It is a coincidence that the road to the art of painting is organic, but more is a summary of the meaning of life in my life. The law emphasizes the rational regulation of social relations, and the art expresses humanity more emotionally. Art is born from primitive humanity and desire for freedom, but high-level art must be full of profound rational brilliance. She believes that a legal person or artist with an interdisciplinary knowledge horizon will be more intelligent and full of humanity and good quality.", "My paintings come from sketching, bathing in the breath of nature, and I peep inward, exploring the magnificent and mysterious depths of the soul, and the unchanging feelings. I am trying to let my painting reach the soul, the deep and long-lasting realm, and let the viewers have some feelings in the playfulness and association."


Dong Jianshuang (Jenny Dong), Bachelor of Law of Peking University. Master of European Law of Brussels University, and MBA of School of Economics and Management, University of Rotterdam, Netherlands. Once worked at Dutch Commercial Bank, Commerzbank and Hang Seng Bank, then attended an oil painting course at Central Art School, and now specializes in artistic creation in Beijing.


Dong Jianshuang's painting career can be said to start from sketching. She has traveled many places, painted all over the country, and has been suffering from hardships. She has been passionate about painting art for many years and has become a real world in her own form. After nearly a decade of sketching experience, Dong Jianshuang turned to the second stage of image creation. After living and working in Europe for many years, she returned to China and caught up with the tide of China's Reform and Opening Up. After having a rich life experience in these two stages, she chooses a perspective that looks at the whole world from the perspective of space and time.


Work of Dong Jianshuang

Work of Dong Jianshuang


Along this line of thought, from the end of last year to the present, she has created a new series to explore a representation of time in space, called "Filtering Time." In this series, Dong Jianshuang deliberately implanted elements of some ancient churches. Those wreckages break through the wall, they pass through time, as if the time of concealment is telling, saying its past and present, talking about the world and heaven, the endless life of human beings, survival and death, glory and sorrow, permeating life, just like recreating time eternally.


Work of Dong Jianshuang


Work of Dong Jianshaung


Mr. Hu Yuanxiang, Managing Director of the Dutch ING Bank and Law PHD, commented on Dong Jianshuang’s oil painting creation at this stage. “Jenny’s Filter Time is not a purely abstract art, it is not a distortion, nor a symbol, nor a concept. Her works reflect her filtered time memory, which choose the beauty of her ideals, kind understanding of humanity, and use a simple, calm, and polite expression. She inherits the past of the masters in history. The realistic technique expresses the contemporary thinking intention and artistic pursuit in the space of the second element, thus creating a temporal scene. The filtered image in the vision stores the past time in the rich, artistic memory, indicating the future and making it become forever now, eternal now."

In the eyes of artist, art critic and curator Chen Meng, "Jian Shuang's work is not directly facing social problems. It is also incompatible with critical narrative content, but it is deeply in the face of the individual's inner world and time. The inner universe." She also gave advice to us to appreciate the painter's paintings. "When we face the appearance of buildings and other objects that have been polished by time, or are touched by God, in the face of the sword frost, the meaning must not be expressing the laws of nature, let the time of concealing speaks on its own."



The final was the donation ceremony. Dong Jianshuang donated a painting of her own to the school. This is both a deep gratitude to her alma mater and a cultural feedback. She wished her alma mater a better and better future.

It is reported that this " Naturally" exhibition will be held from November 10, 2018 to November 15, 2018 at the Peking University Centennial Lecture Hall. Welcome friends and colleagues to visit the exhibition.