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Being a Patriotic and Dream Maker -A Summary of the 2018 Student Summer Social Practice of PKULS

In order to learn the principles from the 19th National Congress and speech made by Secretary·General Xi Jinping at the Peking University Teacher-Student Symposium on May 2nd, The Youth League Committee of PKULS organized a series of summer social practice with the theme of “Being a Patriotic and Dream Maker”.

To inherit the spirit of the ancestors and establish a sense of responsibility of legal person, from July 1st to 3rd, 8 members of the Law School Committee formed a red tour practice group to go to Nanchang for a three-day practice. The practice group visited the red spots such as the Nanchang “BA YI” Uprising Memorial Hall, the Fang Zhimin Martyrs Memorial Hall, the site of New Fourth Army Headquarters, and visited the Beijing Zhongyin(Nanchang) Law Firm to talk with the frontline legal workers. The practice enabled students realize that the Red Revolution is not only a period of history, but also a spirit of innovation and struggle. As a legal person at Peking University, he will shoulder the historical responsibility, offer his youth to our country and strive for prosperity as well as legal system of the motherland. 


Law school students have entered the front line of reform and gained thorough understanding of the reform experience. From June 30th to July 5th, 9-member practice group of League of Juris Maser engaged practical investigation in Shenzhen. As a bridgehead for reform and opening up, Shenzhen is the vanguard of comprehensive deepening reform. In order to understand the achievements of the of Shenzhen's reform and opening up, the practice group did fieldwork, visited enterprise, made alumni talks, and finally finished four research reports named “the Road of Reform”, “Industry Guide”,
“Talent Policy” and “Alumni Characters ".


From July 2nd to 6th, 14 members of Legal Aid Association went to Ningxia to carry out a social research with the theme of “Judicial Service Construction Matching for the “Belt and Road”. They visited the Ningxia Justice Department, Xixia District Public Legal Service Center, Yinchuan Arbitration Commission, Xingqing District People's Court, Ningxia SDIC, Law School of North Minzu University, Beijing Yingke (Yinchuan) Law Firm, understood the promotion of Ningxia's judicial reform under the background of the “Belt and Road Initiative” process.


From August 1st to 7th, a group of 8 students from PKULS went to Fujian to carry out the practical activities with the theme of “The Hercynian Model in Reform”. The group conducted a survey on new Fujian and had their new opinions about means of cross-strait cooperation and common development.

Peking University legal persons give full play to their professional advantages and resources to help build grassroots rule of law. From July 3rd to 13th, 8 graduate students of PKULS went to Nanjing. Based on the intellectual property module, focusing on grassroots practice research, the group built a “Boya Bookstore” with Nanjing Alumni Association and helped prepare the eighth Jiangsu College Moot Court Competition.


From July 4th to 18th, the Graduate School of Law went to Changshan County, Kaihua County and Kecheng District to learn particular methods in local governance and rural revitalization. Based on the problems found in the survey, the members of the research team proposed solutions from the perspective of rule of law.



 In order to understand customary law of Southwest China minorities, the Master of Laws Association went to the Mabian Yi Autonomous County of Leshan City, Sichuan Province to carry out a 10-day research project on the “Southwest Minority Customary Law”. The practice group visited the Mabian County People's Court, the Judicial Bureau, the Cultural Center, and Sichuan Mahe Liqiang Law Firm to gain an in-depth understanding of the current status of customary law in local judicial trials.

For a long time, PKULS has responded positively to General Secretary Xi Jinping's call for "combination of knowing and doing, doing practical work". In the future, PKULS will continue to innovate, aim to cultivate patriotic, inspired, truth-seeking and committed legal person and strive for national greatness and Chinese renewal!