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Peking University Law School 2018 Autumn International Student Orientation Event and Opening Ceremony Successfully Held

On the afternoon of Sep. 13th, 2018, Peking University Law School successfully held the Opening Ceremony and Orientation Activities for International Students. Twenty-four exchange students from seventeen famous law schools in America, Europe, Oceania and so on, and fifteen international students from LL.M Program in Chinese Law gathered in (Leo) Koguan Building of Peking University Law School, looking forward to a brand new life in Peking University Law School. Dean Pan Jianfeng, Vice Dean Guo Li, Prof. Song Ying, A.P. Chen Yifeng, A.P. Liu Zhewei, Assistant Prof. Cao Zhixun, Assistant Prof. Zuo Yilu, Assistant Dean as well as the Director of External Affairs Office Li Yuanyuan, Vice Director of Teaching Affairs Office Xu Xiaoying attended the ceremony.

Dean Pan Jianfeng of Peking University Law School welcomed the international students exchanging or proceeding degrees here on behalf of all. Peking University Law School is one of the most historical and most international law school. Law School hopes students could deeply learn Chinese legal system, society and culture during the school life. Teacher’s representative, Prof. Song Ying emphatically introduced LL.M Program in Chinese Law, and introduced the helps university and law school could offer to exchange students, and hoped exchange students could spend precious time more efficiently. Vice Dean raised three requests to exchange student, which were guaranteeing personal safety, keeping curiosity and in touch, exploring campus attentively, as well as being prepared to the challenges of school life in Peking University.



In addition, Ruan Xiaoshu--student from Peking University, Raphael Zumsteg--student representative from University of New South Wales Australia, and Belinda Katherine Goh--student representative Belinda Katherine from LL.M Program in Chinese Law, delivered excellent speeches to share the vision of future school life.

The External Affairs Office of Peking University Law School held international students orientation activities for a better and quicker adapt in the school life. Students got to know each other and learned development of Peking University’s Law School. The External Affairs Office answered questions and also guided students on course selection.

The Opening Ceremony improved international students’ impressions of Peking University Law School, not only provided guidance on school life, but also build an important platform for the communication between Peking University’s students and international students. Based on the Peking University’s spirit of absorbing anything and everything, Peking University Law School creates precious opportunities for outstanding students from all over the world to learn Chinese law, effectively promotes legal culture communications between us and abroad. What’s more, Peking University Law School provides large amounts of opportunities to study abroad, enhance students’ horizons in a large scale, improve international development of law school.