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The eleventh lecture of Peking University Economic Law Forum was successfully held

At 18:30 on October 23, 2018, the eleventh academic lecture of Peking University Economic Law Forum, "Tax Dispute and Tax Lawyers - Finance and Taxation Industry from the Perspective of Law", was successfully held under the auspices of Prof. Ye Shan of Peking University Law School in science teaching building room 406. Mr. Ye Yongqing, a partner of King & Wood Law Firm, gave a lecture.

This lecture attracted many undergraduates, graduate students in economic law, and other professional students from the Peking University Law School to attend the lecture. Guo Weizhen from the Central University of Finance and Economics Law School attended the lecture.



This lecture is based on the application and interpretation of the tax law. Mr. Ye discussed the five issues in the tax law practice in combination with specific cases, mainly involving the reduction of taxation of equity holdings, taxation of building transfers, extraction and preservation of evidence, and tax planning, tax litigation and other aspects. On the basis of analyzing the relevant tax law provisions and normative documents, Mr. Ye pointed out the direction for the construction of China's tax law system. In addition, Mr. Ye also emphasized that tax law and civil and commercial law have different value orientations. The tax law should fully demonstrate its important functions of distributing income and ensuring stability on the basis of civil and commercial law and other legal concepts. Finally, he pointed out that a good tax lawyer should not only be a good trading lawyer, but also a good litigator.



In the interactive question and answer session, the students closely followed the theme, actively asked questions, and the atmosphere of the live discussion was warm. The presenter answered the questions of the students in detail and made the students expand their understanding of the fiscal and taxation industry from a legal perspective.



Translated by Chen Qingqing

Edited by Wen Yuting