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Law School the 10th Anniversary of 2004 Undergraduate Alumni was Successfully Held

At 14 o'clock on September 15th, the 10th Anniversary Celebration of Undergraduate Students of Peking University Law School with the theme of "Youth Probably" was held in the 80th class classroom of (Leo) Koguan Building. Yang Xiaolei, Guo Li, deputy deans of Law School, Bai Jianjun, Zhang Ping, Liu Jianwen, Li Hongyun, teacher representatives, Shi Shi ,Secretary of Youth League Committee, Dang Shuping, Director of the Alumni Office, Lu Xinxin, deputy director of the Alumni Office, and more than 100 alumni attended the celebration. The event was hosted by 2004 alumnus Wang Jianbin.




At the beginning of the celebration, Yang Xiaolei, the director of the grade, first warmly welcomed the alumni home on behalf of the college, recalling the past when he spent time with grade 2004. Teacher Yang said his youth probably exists with everyone. And he welcomed alumni to come back frequently. At the same time, teacher Yang briefly introduced the recent development and construction of Law School to them and thanked alumni of grade 2004 for their youth dream scholarships, and for their long-term support and contributions to the teaching work of Law School.




It’s hard to forget the learning process in Yan Yuan and instructions from our teachers . Teacher Li Hongyun sighed with emotion: "How time flies! It’s been 14 years since we first met. Now everyone has good prospects, which is exactly the excellent heritage of generations of ‘legal person’ at Peking University. Hope you all have a better future!”




Teacher Zhang Ping said those years with grade 2004 are unforgettable, she was very happy to see that everyone had become the pillar of our country now. When teacher Zhang mentioned that everyone's report cards are still in her computer, students all applauded warmly. Teacher Zhang hoped that students all will have a strong body after busy work and continue to dedicate to our country and family for 60 years.




Teacher Guo Li, who rushed from another venue, said that grade 2004 was the first undergraduate grade he taught. He must overcome difficulties to participate in the event. Teacher Guo recalled the interesting things with classmates 2004 and wished them always being young.




Teacher Liu Jianwen’s humorous ridicule triggered a burst of laughter from alumni. Mr. Liu hoped that the students would have a rest after heavy work. He together with all students hoped our school be better and better.





After each teacher’s speech, the alumni would give away flowers to them to say thank you. The most unforgettable memory for students is the time with each other at Yanyuan, and now all of them have become the elite in their fields. However, in this activity, the host asked representatives of the students not to share their work, but to share their lives. Ren Zhen, Liao Kezhong shared stories about how to balance life and work as a second child's mother and father. Then Peng Chun and Chen Shaoyi respectively recalled the fun of school time and shared their life and work. In the celebration, students recalled the past and talked about the future.




Thinking about the development of Law School, the alumni of grade 2004 collectively set up the Youth Dream Scholarship, which is used to support students at university. The host reported to everyone on the evaluation and utilization of the scholarship. Then the award-winning student representatives are invited to show achievements of Youth Dream Project. The activity ended with applause and laughter.






Translated by: Luo Zhen

Edited by: Chen Qingqing