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Students of the “China Law” Project Visited Zhuowei Law Firm

On the morning of September 28th, 2018, under the leadership of Liang Shu, the academic teacher of Peking University Law School, the students of the "China Law" project and some exchange students visited CHANCE BRIDGE PARTNERS Zhuowei Law Firm affiliated with SGLA Middle Law Firm.  At 10 o’clock in the morning, the teachers and students arrived and the staff of the law firm received a warm reception.

First of all, Mr. Ye Qiang, a partner in charge of dispute resolution business, introduced the alliance of Zhuo Wei Law Firm and Zhuo Wei Law Firm to international students and exchange students, and took them to the law firm, including the lawyer's office and leisure area. The international students understand the basic working environment of the law firm. Mr. Ye’s wonderful explanation ignited the enthusiasm of the students to learn more about Zhuo Wei.




Later, cross-border investment and financing senior lawyer Luo Sha and her assistant lawyer Luo Chen exchanged ideas with foreign students and exchange students in the conference room. Mrs. Luo gave a detailed introduction to the law firm, the law firm partner, and the law firm's business. She also shared her recent project experience, and gave a general explanation of the role of lawyers in cross-border investment and financing. In the exchanges, foreign students from all over the world who have different legal and cultural backgrounds and work experiences asked questions of their own interest, such as the working mechanism of the law firm, customer communication, problem solving, internship opportunities, etc. The questions of international students were patiently and meticulously answered. Lawyers interacted frequently with international students, and the atmosphere was relaxed and active.




After the interaction, the lawyers of the law firm took photos with the teachers and students. Everyone said that they had benefited a lot from the event that the development of a new type of Chinese law firm represented by Zhuo Wei Law Firm.





Translated by: Gao Yani

Edited by: Nie Xudong