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PKU Law School International Week 2018 was successfully held.

Peking University Law School 2018 International Week and Global Faculty Inauguration Ceremony was successfully held on October 15-20, 2018. A total 33 overseas law schools, 11 top law firms, 12 members of Global Faculty and several representatives of China’s top law schools gathered at Peking University Law School and discussed about legal education in the globalization era.

Peking University Law School International Week 2018 is another new attempt after the success of the PKU Law School International Day 2017. It aims to further expand PKU Law School's international resources and build effective global-connecting platforms for faculties and students. The activities, including Distinguished Global Faculty Lecture Series, the Global Faculty Inaugural Ceremony , Global Law School Fair and Global Faculty Forum: Rule of Law and Legal Education in the Era of Globalization , are described by one of the students as “very attractive”.

The Global Faculty Inaugural Ceremony  draws most attention. Initiating the Global Faculty Program is a pioneering act of PKU Law School. It includes 20 world-renowned law professors and legal practitioners, who are expected to help Peking University Law School well-roundedly through cultivating international talents, strengthening teaching and researching competence and integrating various resources. Building the development goals of a world-class university law school. Among them are Paul Gewirtz (Professor at Yale University), Sean Cooney (Professor at the University of Melbourne), Paul P. Craig (Professor at Oxford University), Robert M. Daines (Professor at Stanford University), Jacques deLisle (Professor at the University of Pennsylvania), Eric Hilgendorf (Professor at The Julius Maximilian University of Würzburg), Jeremy Horder (Professor at The London School of Economics and Political Science), Yuji Iwasawa, (Professor at the University of Tokyo), Benjamin Liebman (Professor at Columbia University), Robert Merges (Professor at the University of California, Berkeley), and Paul B Miller (Professor at the University of Notre Dame), Shinya Murase (Professor at Sophia University), Kimmo Nuotio (Professor at the University of Helsinki), and Thomas J. Stipanowich (Professor at Pepperdine University), William M. Treanor (Professor at Georgetown University), Henk Vording (Professor at Leiden University), Peter J. Wang (Lawyer of Jones Day), and Charles K. Whitehead (Professor at Cornell University), Jane K. Winn (Professor at the University of Washington), and Taisu Zhang (Professor at Yale University). Professor Paul Gewirtz was appointed as the chair of the Global Faculty. These world-renowned scholars will give cutting-edge law courses at Peking University Law School, serve as international tutors for outstanding students, carry out intensive academic exchanges and collaborative researches, provide international resources of high quality, and spread the Chinese law in a global scale.

At the inauguration ceremony held on October 19th, Pan Jianfeng, Dean of PKU Law School announced the initiation of the Global Faculty Program, and expressed gratitude to 12 members of Global Faculty present and 33 overseas law school representatives on behalf of PKU Law School. Dean Pan said that Peking University Law School, as one of the best law schools in China, has never abandoned the spirit of "freedom of thought and tolerance" in its 114-year history of development and has been interpreting the spirit in an innovative approach. In recent years, our school has cooperated with 110 famous law schools and institutes in America, Europe, Oceania, Asia and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan (China). In addition, Peking University Law School has maintained a stable interaction with a number of well-known law firms and other institutions at home and abroad, providing a variety of resources for our students to gain practical experience.

After that, Paul Gewirtz, as Chair of Global Faculty, delivered a speech, in which he pointed out the underlying interaction and connection of modern society and highlighted the significance of international legal education. Professor Matthew Wilson, former president of the University of Akron, on behalf of 33 overseas law school representatives who participated in the International Week event then shared his understanding of globalization of law and sent his best wishes to the Global Faculty members as well as the future development of PKU Law School. Finally, Fang Aolan, a student at Peking University Law School shared with us her own studying experience at PKU Law School and said that she was convinced of the Global Faculty’s influence in realizing students’ dream to become outstanding lawyers.

It is also worth mentioning that during the International Week, Global Faculty scholars not only had interactions with faculties and students at Peking University Law School, but also provided suggestions for the global development of law education. 12 Global Faculty scholars who were able to attend the activity also held a series of lectures, during which they had extensive and in-depth exchanges of ideas and thoughts with the teachers and students of Peking University Law School on many frontier issues of law. The lecture series was indeed a feast for teachers and students.

In the afternoon, 12 Global Faculty scholars attended a Global Law Education Forum on " Comparative Legal Studies in the Globalization of Rule of Law " and " Rule of Law, Role of Lawyers, and Mission of Legal Education " with faculties and students from Peking University Law School and other partner law schools. The globalization of legal education is a challenge that one must face up to. Peking University Law School will keep pace with the times and remain devoted to fostering law students with global perspectives and insights. It is our responsibility to contribute to the rule and progress of law in China as well as around the world.

In addition to the Global Faculty Program, the Global Law School Fair is also a very important part of the International Week. Representatives from 33 overseas law schools, such as the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Tokyo, and partners from top law firms had face-to-face communications with students, introducing tips for applying and answering students’ questions. Without doubt the activity will play a very important role in helping students plan their future studying and career path.

The success of the  PKU Law School International Week 2018 symbolizes a new start for the international development of PKU Law School. We are confident that in the near future, with all these efforts, our students will grow into not only qualified PKU graduates but also Chinese young leaders and responsible world citizens. 

Peking University Law School will make persistent efforts to pursue academic excellence, cultivate first-class talents, and make more and more contributions to the development of the rule of law in China and the rule of law in the era of globalization.