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Law School Welcomes 2018 Undergraduate Freshmen

On August 30th, the beautiful and silent Yanyuan greeted a group of freshmen in the breeze and drizzle. Staffs of PKULS and volunteers successfully completed the work of welcoming the grade 2018 undergraduates in Khoo Teck Pust Stadium. The freshmen-welcoming work was arranged in the lead of PKULS and implemented by Student Affairs Office, Teaching Affairs Office and other volunteers.  

In order to help the freshmen go through all the registration procedures conveniently, PKULS prepared detailed registration procedure materials in advance. Staffs of PKULS and volunteers handled the procedures, distribute the student card and dormitory key and other freshmen materials for each one with enthusiasm and patience.


Every volunteer participating in this work was once the beneficiary of it. So they chose to become a member of the freshmen-welcoming group. They showed their trustworthy attitude and selfness passion to complete the work mission. They also solved freshmen’s problems by their kindness and professional ability, thus making them feel the warmth of PKULS family.  

The freshmen-welcoming work gained great concern and support from the leaders and teachers of PKU and PKULS. Party Secretary of PKU Hao Ping and Principal Lin Jianhua came to the work scene to communicate with the freshmen and staffs, ask for the progress of the work and extend their anxious concern and truly thanks to them.


In the evening, working conference of the freshmen-class head teachers was held in Room B104, Koguan Building, the law students club. Attending the conference are Shi Shi, Secretary of Youth League Committee, and Hou Le, Director of Career Development Office, together with four head teachers named Li Yuanyuan, Yu Qi, Qin Jiangying and Zhang Dongxiao.

Director Hou Le gave a brief introduction of their work. Secretary Shi Shi thanked four head teachers for their hard work that are of great importance and pointed out that he would help the teachers do their job to adapt the students into their college lives.

Later, conference of course selecting guidance and military training mobilization was held in the same room. Attending the conference are Shi Shi, Secretary of Youth League Committee, Fei Haini, teacher of Teaching Affairs Office, Lu Min, teacher of Student Affairs Office, four head teachers and all the freshmen.

Firstly, the head teachers welcomed the freshmen. Secondly, teacher Fei Haini gave a specific guidance with the demonstration of high grade students. Thirdly, Secretary Shi Shi introduced arrangement and changes of the military training work and gave three suggestions to the students. At last, teacher Zhang Dongxiao and teacher Lu Min reminded the freshmen of several details they might come across during the training. They hoped that the students had the courage to face the difficulty and be strict with themselves in order to understand the meaning of training.

The freshmen-welcoming work received a great success. Students were full of curiosity and the parents were reluctant to leave. Staffs and volunteers had done a great job to make the day meaningful. It is no doubt that the freshmen of grade 2018 will write an extraordinary chapter in Yanyuan through their high spirits and firm will.