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Peking University Law School held Prof. Yang Dunxian's memorial service

Prof. Peking University School of Law, famous criminal jurist, former director of the Criminal Law Department of the Law Department of Peking University, and former Deputy Director General and Secretary General of the Chinese Criminal Law Research Association, Prof. Yang Dunxian died in Beijing on June 15, 2017, at the age of 83. After a lapse of one year, in order to express the nostalgia for Prof. Yang Dunxian, at 9 am on September 6, Prof. Yang Dunxian’s memorial service was held in Room 307, Koguan Building, Peking University Law School. The attending meeting was attended by the family of Prof. Yang Dunxian, Prof. Pan Jianfeng, Dean of Law School, Prof. Chu Huaizhi, Prof. Zhang Wen, Prof. Liu Shoufen, Prof. Jiang Mingan, Prof. Chen Xingliang, Prof. Bai Jianjun, Prof. Guo Zili, Prof. Zhao Guoling, Prof. Wang Jiancheng, Prof. Wang Xin, Prof. Zhang Shouwen, Prof. Chen Yongsheng, Prof. Che Hao, Prof. Jiang Su, Prof. Peng Bing, Prof. Gu Ling, Prof. Wang Xixin, Prof. Wang Jin, Teacher Yang Xiaolei, Teacher Piao Wendan, Teacher Lu Jiangnan, Teacher Nian Yijia, Teacher Li Yuanyuan, Teacher Hou Le, Teacher Guo Xingzhi, Teacher Zhu Yuqi and other teachers and students of Peking University Law School, as well as many people. The memorial service hosted by Prof. Liang Genlin.

Prof. Yang Dunxian was born on May 17, 1935, and was born in Jiangsu. He graduated from Peking University in 1959 and later taught at the school. He was retired in 1999. Prof. Yang Dunxian has made outstanding contributions in improving the theoretical research level of Chinese criminal law and promoting the progress of China's criminal rule of law. Prof. Yang Dunxian has served as the head of the criminal law department of Peking University Law School for a long time, and has devoted a lot to the discipline construction and talent cultivation of the criminal law major of Peking University. After retirement, Prof. Yang Dunxian donated money to study and set up a “Yucai Scholarship” at Peking University Law School, helping 192 students. Prof. Yang Dunxian devoted his life to teaching and educating people, and his morality was forever.

In the first session of the memorial service, under the auspices of Prof. Liang Genlin, all the present personnel silently mourned the death of Prof. Yang and expressed his deep condolences and deep grief to Prof. Yang Dunxian.


Along with the broadcast of Prof. Yang Dunxian's commemorative short film, the participants at the scene jointly recalled the wonderful life of Yang Shiyanyuan and the famous Xingtan.


In the second part of the memorial service, Prof. Pan Jianfeng, Dean of the Peking University Law School and secretary of the party committee, delivered a speech on behalf of Peking University Law School. Prof. Pan Jianfeng recalled the profound impression left by Prof. Yang Dunxian on the in-depth and problem-solving lectures in the criminal law class, and reviewed Prof. Yang Dunxian's outstanding contribution to China's legal practice in criminal law research and practice. He said that as a respectable elder, Ms. Yang not only cares about the growth of young teachers, but also cares about her classmates. In the case that her personal economic situation is not rich and her family life burden is heavy, she has established relevant scholarships. To reward outstanding students and students with financial difficulties. He pointed out that the spirit of Teacher Yang inspires the teachers and students of the law school to do a good job.


Subsequently, Prof. Chen Xingliang, an academic leader in the discipline of criminal law at Peking University Law School, recalled the contribution of Prof. Yang Dunxian from the aspects of legal education, academic research, and social welfare, and expressed his deep cherished memory of Prof. Yang Dunxian. Prof. Chen Xingliang pointed out that in the field of legal education, Prof. Yang Dunxian has trained a large number of students in his teaching career for more than 40 years, and has made great contributions to the legal education in China. In theoretical research, Prof. Yang Dunxian has written many academic influences. Thesis, monographs and textbooks have made achievements in economic crimes, the death penalty system and the specific crimes of criminal law. In the future, Prof. Yang Dunxian’s achievements should be collected and published as academic heritage. In terms of social activities, Prof. Yang Dunxian not only served as the Chinese Criminal Law Society. Deputy Director General and Deputy Secretary-General, and also engaged in part-time lawyer work for a long time, participated in the defense of major economic cases and socially sensitive cases, and used part-time lawyers to donate money to finance and participate in public welfare undertakings. Prof. Yang Dunxian established the “Yucai Scholarship” at Peking University Law School and established the “Yang Dunxian Scholarship” at his alma mater, Siyang Middle School, Jiangsu Province, in order to actively support and promote the development of education in China. These fully reflect the high spirits of Prof. Yang Dunxian.


Mr. Zhao Yiwu, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and vice chairman of the Beijing Federation of Industry and Commerce, recalled his knowledge of Prof. Yang Dunxian and Prof. Yang Dunxian's creation of the “Yu Cai Scholarship”. He pointed out that after retiring from Peking University, Prof. Yang Dunxian, in order to solve the economic difficulties of many students, took the initiative to provide support for his life savings and set aside the ambition to donate money for education. These touching stories fully reflect Prof. Yang Dunxian's compassionate and noble personality. Prof. Yang Dunxian has the spiritual spirit of the older generation of intellectuals. Under the inspiration and attitude of this spiritual character, he has participated in the public welfare undertakings such as “Yucai Awards”.


Prof. Sun Jiabin, the deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Jiangsu Siyang Middle School, recalled that Prof. Yang loved his hometown and loved his alma mater. Since the initiative to write a scholarship in June 2000, many students have received funding, which is for students. Their ideal ambitions provide a powerful impetus, from which Prof. Yang Dunxian’s heartfelt feelings in his hometown, his high moral character, his broad-minded personality and the moral example of loving kindness.


In the third session of the memorial service, the participants freely spoke and recalled the bitterness of working with Teacher Yang. Prof. Guo Zili first recalled the courage and courage of Prof. Yang Dunxian to treat the disease during his illness. He recalled the treatment process of Yang during his illness and his farewell to Prof. Yang Dunxian. Prof. Guo pointed out that Prof. Yang Dunxian, as the founder of the criminal law of New China, has worked hard for more than 60 years of his academic career and contributed to the development of the criminal law discipline. Prof. Yang Dunxian is not only knowledgeable but also rich in judicial experience. After citing the classics, the words and thoughts rushed; Prof. Yang Dunxian wrote the "General Principles of Criminal Law" and "Chinese Criminal Law" and published many books while the rule of law in China was in vain. He also actively participated in criminal justice practice activities, not only in Influential cases were participated in many influential cases, and scholarships were set up with labor income to care for young teachers and students, reflecting their broad-mindedness; Prof. Yang Dunxian’s free-spirited smile and valuable character are even more memorable and memorable.


Prof. Zhang Wen recalled that Prof. Yang Dunxian was his own academic guide. He not only cared for young people, but also made significant contributions to Chinese criminal law. During his work at the Chinese Criminal Law Society, Prof. Yang Dunxian did the development of criminal law. A large number of fruitful work; in addition, Prof. Yang Dunxian participated in the formulation and revision of the Criminal Law in 1997 and the Criminal Law in 1997, and actively participated in the improvement and development of criminal legislation and judicial interpretation in China. Moreover, he also participated in some important work as a part-time lawyer in the 1980s. The defense of criminal cases has a major impact on the whole country and has made great contributions to the rule of law in our country. Prof. Yang Dunxian has a personality and is not modest. He sees the problem sharp and profound, insists on his own independent opinions, does not follow the trend, his ability to work and High moral character is worth learning.


Prof. Liu Shoufen recalled that Prof. Yang Dunxian was an upright and frank person; he had an admirable and significant contribution to criminal law research, teaching and educating, and judicial practice; Prof. Yang Dunxian’s character was just right, doing business at work, living in life. Zhong Ping is easy to be close to and enthusiastic, and he has a deep influence on his teaching, inspiration and help. The spiritual quality of Prof. Yang Dunxian is worth learning forever.


Prof. Chu Huaizhi commented that Prof. Yang Dunxian is an important founder of the criminal law discipline of Peking University Law School. He is modest, hard work, and first-rate. Prof. Chu Huaizhi said that he’ll continue to work hard under the encouragement of Prof. Yang Dunxian and wish Prof. Yang Dunxian a happy and healthy life in paradise.


Liu Yong, a former lecturer at the Peking University Law School and executive director of the Colorful Deer Research Institute, pointed out that Prof. Yang Dunxian adhere to his duties in teaching and being a human being. He has his own independent opinions and is not afraid of authority. In teaching, he is realistic and pragmatic. Academic attitude, inclusive understanding of other disciplines, and responsibility for work are worth learning. In terms of being a human being, Prof. Yang Dunxian is even more perfect; he is enthusiastic about charity, giving back to the society and has a lofty realm.


Prof. Qu Sanqiang recalled that Prof. Yang Dunxian is like his father, a teacher and a noble person in his life. As an older scholar, Prof. Yang Dunxian’s, knowledge and academic attitude are lacking by many young scholars.


Prof. Jiang Ming'an deeply recalled the scenes when he was listening to Prof. Yang Dunxian's lectures, and the valuable suggestions provided by Prof. Yang Dunxian when he chose his career in his youth. Prof. Jiang Mingan said that after attending the work, Prof. Yang Dunxian also played a further important role in academic and personal life. His teachings to Yang Dunxian were unforgettable.


Prof. Zhao Guoling recalled that as a student of the 77th-level law department of Peking University, she was convinced by Prof. Yang Dunxian's lectures, which led to a strong interest in criminal law research, and thus embarked on the path of criminal law theory research; Yang Dunxian was at the end of the period During the review period, I answered questions for the students. After graduation, I also felt my heartfelt feelings.


The lawyer of Wilson Sansini Gucci Rosati Law Firm JinZhao recalls that as the close disciple of Teacher Yang, the greatest inspiration for Mr. Yang Dunxian is to listen to his heart and pursue what he wants. Prof. Yang Dunxian has an open mind and a quick mind. He is the spiritual leader of his own work. In Prof. Yang Dunxian, he reflects the high unity of truth, goodness and beauty. Today's lawyers pointed out that the exploration of life requires the guidance of a good heart, and the spirit of Prof. Yang Dunxian will benefit for life.


Prof. Zhang Shouwen believes that Prof. Yang Dunxian's personal and academic studies are particularly worthy of our admiration; Prof. Yang Dunxian, as a famous jurist in China, has made significant contributions not only to the construction and development of criminal law in China, but also to doing things for others. It is especially worth learning. Prof. Yang Dunxian has devoted himself to public welfare for many years. He is an enthusiastic person and is a person who tells the truth and does real things.


In the last part of the memorial service, Prof. Yang Dunxian’s family expressed his deepest thoughts on Prof. Yang Dunxian. Mr. Yang Yiming, the son of Prof. Yang Dunxian, first expressed his gratitude to the participants on behalf of the mother Ms. Xiong Huayin and her sister, Ms. Yang Yining. He said that Prof. Yang Dunxian's life is closely related to Peking University Law School; Prof. Yang Dunxian often said that Peking University is the biggest turning point for other people's life, so he always praises his alma mater; his favorite life is teaching. Educating people, compared with the less communication with their children, Prof. Yang Dunxian sees that students are always talking and laughing, and amiable, this is his most true temperament; even if faced with difficulties, Prof. Yang has been acknowledging the charity cause. At home, Prof. Yang has strict requirements for his children, and he has worked hard for their growth. They are in harmony with their wives and are one with one another. Prof. Yang Dunxian has experienced the most profound changes in the history of the Chinese nation. He is not only a witness to this history. The beneficiary is a participant in this history. He made contributions to the country and the nation with his diligence and hard work. Prof. Yang Dunxian’s students have extended his ideas in different fields. He will be children, and future generations will commemorate forever, he will go further than his actual life.


At the end of the memorial service, Prof. Yang Dunxian’s wife, Xiong Huayin, pointed out that Prof. Yang Dunxian is an ordinary person. He dedicated his life to the legal cause. Thanks to such an opportunity to express his thoughts, to the leaders, teachers, relatives and classmates who participated in the memorial service. Express sincere gratitude.


The people are gone and the spirit is long. Finally, Prof. Liang Genlin concluded that Prof. Yang Dunxian's memorial is not only a memory of remembrance, but also a spiritual baptism, which makes people feel noble personality and extraordinary charm. Peking University's criminal law discipline has become a nation under the hard work and hard work of these predecessors. Important research positions in criminal law; thanks to the predecessors' pioneering and noble personality, the younger learners should learn from Prof. Yang Dunxian and continue their careers; wish Prof. Yang Dunxian to rest in heaven, wishing the mother a healthy body, and thank you very much for your participation.

Prof. Yang Dunxian devoted himself to teaching and education. His death is not only the Peking University Law School, but also a major loss in the Chinese jurisprudence. This memorial service will re-emphasize Prof. Yang Dunxian's great achievements and high-spirited festivals. He entrusted the law school and people to deeply cherish and deeply mourn Prof. Yang.


Translated by: Ao Minyu

Edited by: Shi Jiali