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Peking University law school held a seminar on risk management for private entrepreneurs

Under the strategic background of promoting the rule of law in an all-round way, how to realize the adaptation and integration of economic interests and legal responsibilities of private enterprises better, how to avoid market risks effectively, is an important problem that needs to be solved urgently in the current management process of private enterprises. From July 9 to 13, Peking University Law School held a seminar on the market for private entrepreneurs to win the market. The seminar invited many well-known experts from the theoretical, judicial and practical circles to explain the key issues in detail such as how to control and resolve market risks, policy risks and management risks effectively. It attracted nearly 50 battalion entrepreneurs from all over the country to participate in this workshop.


At 8:30 a.m. on July 9, the opening ceremony of the private entrepreneurs ' winning risk market seminar in Peking University Law School was held at B102 Koguan Building. Party Secretary of the Law School Pan Jianfeng, President of Beijing Private Economic Development Promotion Association Jia Hailu, Executive President of Beijing Private Economic Development Promotion Association Li Xiaowei, and Executive Vice-President and Secretary-General of Beijing Private Economic Development Promotion Association Zheng Yongge attended the event. The opening ceremony was presided over by Shishi, the Director of the National Cooperative Office of law school.


In his opening speech, Secretary Pan Jianfeng pointed out that private enterprises have played a great role in promoting local economic growth, increasing local taxes, increasing employment and activating the market. He said that private enterprises are facing unprecedented risks and challenges as well as rare opportunities for development. Private entrepreneurs should fully understand, warn, keep watch and resolve various risks, standardize market behavior, and realize the sustainable and healthy growth of private enterprises.


After that, Zheng Yongji, executive vice president and Secretary General of the Beijing Private Economic Development Promotion Association, started the mobilization. He said that in order to promote the sustainable development of the private economy and enhance the strategic management ability of private entrepreneurs, all parties of politics, industry, education and research have work together to hold this seminar. He hoped that all people would fully understand the importance of learning, grasp learning opportunities, strive to improve the quality and efficiency of learning, and be able to integrate with reality and apply what they have learned.


Among many business lines of private enterprises, corporate culture shaping, family wealth management, financing operation, brand strategy and legal risk are the high-incidence areas of market risk and civil and commercial disputes in private enterprises. They are the key links affecting the sustainable development of private enterprises. Private entrepreneurs are also in urgent need of specialties in the face of market changes. To support and guide the key and difficult points. The seminar opened around the above-mentioned areas, invited Chen Yuyuyu, Hong Yanrong, Han Liang, Peng Bing, Guo Li, Yang Ming, Xue Jun, Jiang Daxing and other law, economics and management professionals to give a speech. At the same time, the seminar also invited regulators and industry representatives to interpret the issues of "protection of corporate name rights in the context of business system reform" and "marketing strategy innovation breakthroughs in the mobile Internet era". The seminar invited Professor Ge Yunsong of Peking University Law School, Chairman Zhou Xiaoming of New Finance Channel, Partner Peng Ya of Jindu Law Firm, Executive Director of Zhejiang Jingheng Law Firm, and relevant judges of the Supreme People's Court of the People’s Republic of China to hold case sessions on wealth management and corporate debt crisis, consult and discuss with members.

At the commencement ceremony held on July 13, the participants, Chen Liming and Shen Jianwei, spoke one after another, expressing their heartfelt thanks to Peking University Law School for organizing this seminar carefully. They will apply the knowledge of study to practical work and build a more complete system of wind control and compliance for enterprises. Jia Hailu, chairman of Beijing Private Economic Development Promotion Association, said that the world is in a period of great development, great change and great adjustment. Private entrepreneurs should work together, work together, learn and grow together to cope with the complex international situation and market risks. In his speech, Professor Jiang Daxing of Peking University Law School pointed out that controlling risks means grasping opportunities. He wished entrepreneurs to manage risks and take precautions against them, either successfully or on the way to success. Finally, the guests and teachers presented certificates for all the students, and the seminar was successfully concluded.

As an important carrier of mass entrepreneurship and mass innovation, private enterprises play an irreplaceable role in promoting scientific and technological innovation, optimizing economic structure, alleviating employment pressure, ensuring moderate economic growth and social harmony and stability, and have important strategic significance for national economic and social development. Peking University Law School responds positively to the national development strategy by organizing a seminar on the competitive risk market for private entrepreneurs, setting up a platform for mutual assistance and information sharing among private enterprises, helping outstanding private entrepreneurs to obtain professional guidance and intellectual support, so as to support the healthy and healthy growth of private enterprises and promote China's economic and social development. Make due contributions to sustainable development.


  Translated by: Ren Danni

  Edited by: Liu Shuo