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[Reprint] The integration of law and business, knowing and doing, and reaching far——Peking University law school join hands with King & Wood Mallesons to lead the integration of talent and training concept

"Across the cognitive divide of law, commerce and society, knowledge is integrated across borders to create a world-oriented and future-oriented talents with complex law and commerce, a combination of emotions and capabilities, a combination of responsibility and innovation, practical and leadership-oriented features." The phrase was used to describe their vision a year ago when Peking University Law School and King & Wood Mallesons jointly launched the Global Legal and Business Executive Program (GLBE).

"Peking University- King & Wood global high-end legal professionals plan to fully integrate law and commerce, politics and culture, knowledge and ability and to fully connect the domestic and international; trainees use action to practice their ideals, expand the length, breadth and height of their lives." A month ago, at the first GLBE graduation ceremony, Mr. Zhu Yongxin, the Standing Committee and Deputy Secretary-General of the CPPCC National Committee and Vice-Chairman of the Central Committee for Democratic Progression, made such comments on the GLBE project and the performance of the students.

What does GLBE look like? The Peking University lawyers and Kim duo people make "portrait" for their projects.



Problem oriented, based on practice. Peking University Law School is the pioneer of modern law education, relying on rich academic background, to build a bridge between law and business, politics, society, culture and other disciplines. As one of the top law firms in China, King & Wood Mallesons is well ahead in the fields of corporate mergers and acquisitions, securities and capital markets, financial financing and so on, focusing on the real-time needs of human resources. The GLBE project breaks down the institutional barriers between universities and practical work, draws on the strong points of the masses, and is problem-oriented. It aims to lay the foundation for the interdisciplinary study of industry elites. It aims to reorganize business models and competitive policies, legal practices and business drivers, business success and failure and legal rules, entrepreneurial practices and project practices through lectures by academic and industry experts. High-end talent's cross-border knowledge of law and business aims to build an interdisciplinary, cross-industry, cross-cultural talent growth platform.



Chinese wisdom, global vision. China's development is closely linked with the world in the context of the destiny of mankind and the era of global governance. Business compliance has shifted from international standards to national standards, enterprises are facing more complex international economic and legal issues, and the uncertainty brought about by political factors in cross-border mergers and acquisitions. Commercial strength and institutional value have undergone significant changes in the evolution of global political system. The GLBE project focuses on hot and difficult points. Scholars and experts standing at the forefront of theory and practice let the students realize that the governance of big countries should not only look at the world but also at home. They should think calmly between the historical dimension and the realistic dimension, be familiar with China's national conditions, accumulate China's experience, penetrate the industry trends and condense the consensus of the times.



The law is heavily responsible, businessmen seek new ways, law and business integration, and facing the future. The future of human society is full of high uncertainty. How can the real economy rely on network technology? How does the precedent trial affect product innovation? Why is it difficult to break the old age problem? Exploring more ways and possibilities of building the rule of law and business model, cultivating international-level strategic leaders and high-level innovative teams are the educational objectives of GLBE project. GLBE project focuses on a series of legal and commercial frontier issues, such as dispute resolution under economic globalization, merger and acquisition of international capital market, financial science and technology and asset securitization, scientific and technological innovation and intellectual property management, and combines economic globalization, democratic politics, international relations, Chinese philosophical spirit and leadership. Interdisciplinary knowledge, such as capacity building, pursues the unity of humanistic spirit and liberal arts education, guides students to "break through cognition and reshape themselves", trains their strategic thinking and sense of responsibility, cultivates their national feelings and values, and shapes diverse future leaders such as leading legal circles, business elites and pioneers in entrepreneurship.

Integrate the essence of practice, broaden the experience and talk about the way of innovation. Over the past year, Peking University Law School and King & Wood Mallesons, as explorers, took the concept of integration of law and business as the training direction of leading talents, and opened the prelude to innovative high-end talent training mode. Now, a year of practical testing and educational results, so that they are more willing to position themselves as a leader, more firmly embarked on the path of innovation in talent training. It is reported that Peking University Law School and King & Wood Mallesons will launch a new global high-end law businessman training program in late October 2018, and the first interview will be formally held on September 2nd. The second phase of GLBE is not only ready for development, but also looking forward to it.



Translated by: Wang Mi

Edited by: Shi Jiali