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2018 Law School Graduates Farewell Ceremony Was Held

9:30 am June 25, 2018 Law School graduates farewell ceremony was held in the Centennial Monument of Peking University. The guests Attending the ceremony were as following: Mr.Cuo He, 93-year undergraduate alumnus, Mr. Chen Yunfeng, Chairman of Beijing Yilv Network Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. Fu Jiansheng, Chairman of Beijing Zhonghong Times Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. Gui Jia, Partner of Beijing Global Law Office, Ms. Gao Zhun, partner of Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP and Affiliates, Mr. He Quansheng, a 65-year undergraduate alumnus, Mr. Li Hongji, a partner of Commerce & Finance Law Offices, Mr. Liu Jianmin, an 84-year undergraduate alumnus, Ms. Li Jiayao, deputy manager of the Beijing Representative Office of Clifford Chance Law Firm, Ms. Liang Shuying, professor of China University of Political Science and Law, Ms. Mei Lin, Human Resources Business Support Manager of King & Wood Mallesons Law Firm, Ms. Ma Ningjing, Assistant Director of Beijing Celue Law Firm, Ms. Sheng Shuwen, a 63-year undergraduate alumnus, Ms. Tang Chenghui, Partner of the Beijing Representative Office of Jones Day Law Firm, Ms. Wang Danqing, Hong Kong Patent Application Department Manager of Patent Agency Co., Ltd., Ms. Wu Shumiao, Executive Director of the Professoer Han Zhongmo Law Foundation, Mr. Xiao Jun, Senior Partner of Beijing Weiheng Law Firm, Ms. Yi Mingqun, 94th Undergraduate Alumni, Mr. Zhou Shiyu, Beijing Meisheng Space Film Culture Media Co., Ltd.. Dean of Law School Zhang Shouwen, vice president and party secretary Pan Jianfeng, vice president Guo Li, Xue Jun, Yang Xiaolei, vice party secretary Lu Jiangnan, Bai Guimei, Cao Zhixun, Chen Ruoying, Fu Yulin, Gan Peizhong, Ge Yunsong, Hong Yanrong, Jiang Daxing, Li Honghai, Liu Jianwen, Wang Jin, Wang Xin, Yang Ming, Ye Shan, Zhan Zhongle, Chen Zhihong, Dang Shuping, Hou Le, Li Yuanyuan, Dong binyu, Fu Chengyu, Guo Xingzhi, Huang Chen, Lu Xixin, Wang Mei, Zhang Yu, Zhu Yuqi and other faculty attended the ceremony. 2018 Law School graduates, some graduates parents attended the ceremony. The ceremony was chaired by Professor Pan Jianfeng.



First, the host announced the beginning of the ceremony and introduced the guests and teachers.



Then the award ceremony for outstanding graduates was held. Prof. Pan Jianfeng read the list of “Outstanding Graduates of Beijing City” and “Outstanding Graduates of Peking University”. More than 90 students went on the stage to receive the award and took photos with the guests and teachers.




Ms. Gao Zhun, one of the 87-year undergraduate alumnus and a partner of Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP and Affiliates, delivered a speech on behalf of the guests. She reviewed her youthful years at Peking University Law School and her unforgettable years while studying abroad. She shared her experience combined with her life experience and family life. She hoped that all graduates will treat work with dedication and sincerity, embrace the diverse and changing world around you with the spirit of continuous learning, cultivate long-term diligence, perseverance, and become a person full of passion and positive energy.



A.P. Chen Ruoying from the Law School delivered a speech on behalf of the teachers. She expounded her feelings and understanding of life. She hoped that all the students would always love and adhere to the brilliance of humanity, defend the truest themselves, take national development and national rejuvenation as their own duty, look at the world, meet the opportunities of history and the challenge of times, greet a new era with firm confidence.



Li Ande, who was from Brazil and one of the Law School's 2017 Chinese Law Program Master, and Yu Jinzhao, one of the 2014-year undergraduate, respectively delivered a speech on behalf of the graduates. They recalled the colorful Yanyuan life, and deeply described their own harvest and emotions at Peking University. They hoped that Peking University Law School students could constantly examine themselves and regard "help the world, justice long stand" as the ideal of the rule of law for life, explore the way forward for the rule of law in China in the future with a proactive expansion heart.




In the “Thank Teachers” division which was carefully prepared by the graduates, Wang Li, Pang Pai, Wang Qiyuan, Xie Yimin, Ou Tian and Shi Wei brought a small chorus, "Don't Say Goodbye (Law School Edition)", and sent a special commemorative gift to the teachers to expressed graduates’sincere gratitude to the teachers.



Finally, Professor Zhang Shouwen, Dean of the Law School, delivered a speech. On behalf of Peking University Law School. He warmly congratulated the 2018 graduates for their graduation, and sincerely thanked the parents and teachers for their hard work in the talent training business. Dean Zhang Shouwen encouraged graduates to shoulder the sense of historical mission and sense of time responsibility by reviewing the important historical moments in the development process of the nation and the country. He then extended the words “未”, “名” and “湖”, and hoped that the students can Link personal development with the development of society and the country, adhere to the initial heart, do not admire fame and fortune, look to the future, always keep a habit of exploring the unknown and learning knowledge, insist on independent thinking and adhere to the belief in the rule of law in the "江湖", learn to be tolerant and aspire for more, and become an excellent legal person who is conducive to the country and society.



The Law School 2018 graduates' farewell ceremony ended successfully in the melodious tunes of the original song "Youth Probably". The good wishes of the alumni, the instructions of the teacher, and the students' love for the alma mater will become the eternal memories of the 2018 graduates.


Translated by: Peng Yuchen

Edited by: Yang Jin