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The PKU-KWM Global Legal and Business Executive Program for the First Class Graduation Ceremony of Future Leaders was Held Successfully

On July 9, 2018, The PKU-KWM Global Legal and Business Executive Program for the First Class Graduation Ceremony of Future Leaders was held successfully in Moot Court, Koguan Building, PKULS. Attending the Ceremony are Zhu Yongxin, member of the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and vice chairman of the Democratic Progressive Committee, Wang Junfeng, Chairman of the All China Lawyers Association and Global Chairman of King & Wood Mallesons, Ouyang Zhenyuan, Dean of the King & Wood Mallesons, Wang Rui, Executive Director of King & Wood College, Partner of King & Wood Mallesons, Yuan Zhuang, Partner of King & Wood Mallesons, Zhang Shouwen, Dean of Peking University Law School, Wang Xixin, Deputy Dean, Yang Xiaolei, Deputy Dean, Guo Li, Deputy Dean, Lu Jiangnan, Vice Secretary of the Party Committee. The host was Pan Jianfeng, Secretary of the Party Committee, PKULS.



First of all, all the guests, teachers, students and relatives and friends watched the first commemorative film of the future leader class, and jointly reviewed the development process of The PKU-KWM Global Legal and Business Executive Program. During the year, from the theory of state governance to the theory of political economy, from the topic of cultural innovation to the topic of regional ecology, centering the core topics of “Future Leadership and Time Responsibility”, Zhu Suli, Wang Xixin, Liang Genlin, Zhang Weiying, Yao Yang, Yu Keping, Wang Jisi, Yang Lihua and other famous scholars, Li Ning, Li Yi, Zhang Liping and other business leaders, Ye Lu, Xu Ping, Lou Xianying, Jiang Junlu and other elites of the law brought a wonderful knowledge feast to the students. From international negotiations to Model United Nations, from cultural and creative competitions to leadership training, from corporate visits to field discussions, we kept seeking truth in the classroom, seeking truth outside the classroom, based on reality and facing the future, to achieve theory and practice, value highly interactive with experience. Peking University’s profound academic heritage and rich academic resources, KWM’s comprehensive practical experience and the spirit of pursuing excellence and continuous innovation have provided the most solid guarantee for the growth of GLBE.

In his graduation speech, Prof. Zhang Shouwen, Dean of Peking University Law School, congratulated all the students for their graduation and was gratified by the participants’ understanding and harvest. Dean Zhang pointed out that this year coincides with the 120th anniversary of the founding of Peking University. Over the past 120 years, Peking University has worked hard for the country’s system construction and rule of law, and has worked hard for the country’s comprehensive modernization. It is closely related to the country’s development and the prosperity of the nation. He hopes that as a “future leader” class student, he must bear in mind the responsibility of the family on his shoulders and deeply understand the positioning and goals of the Program. In the PKU-KWM Global Legal and Business Executive Program jointly created by Peking University and KWM, they will deeply think and fully Communicate, keep the innovation, comprehensively strengthen their knowledge reserves, and constantly improve their ability to solve real problems, and eventually grow into industry leaders and future leaders. Finally, Dean Zhang sincerely thanked friends from all walks of life for their concern and support for the PKU-KWM Global Legal and Business Executive Program, and invited people of insight to join hands in creating Chinese legal and business talents to cultivate career development.



In the keynote speech, Mr. Zhu Yongxin proposed that “to be an irreplaceable legal business project, to become an unforgotten GLBE student.” He said that the PKU-KWM Global Legal and Business Executive Program fully integrates law and business, fully integrates politics and culture, fully integrates knowledge and capabilities, and fully opens up domestic and international affairs. He hoped that students will practice their ideals with their efforts. Expanding the length, width and height of your life will eventually become the life prototype and role model for others.



In the speech of the participants, Mr. Hong Zuyun, CEO and founder of Zhihe Oriental, said from the “Family feelings, historical responsibility and mission” recorded at the opening ceremony on October 19 last year, recalling the past year’s harvest, valuable knowledge and classmates. He said, “From today, Peking University is a commission for us to integrate into blood. Thanks to Peking University, I hope that the future leaders will be like stars and shine with you in the historical night sky.” “We are facing together the challenges of the future and I am very happy that I am not alone. I am very happy to meet you.”



Subsequently, Ms. Wang Rui, the first inaugural future leader class teacher, the Executive Dean of King & Wood College, and the partner of King & Wood Mallesons, used the phrase of the German philosopher Jaspers in What is Education : “Education is a tree shaking another tree, one cloud pushes another cloud, one soul awakens another soul” to express her current feelings. She said that as a forerunner who hopes to lead the development of future legal business leaders, how do we face the future, how will we ignite and awaken the young elites and leaders who are moving towards the future, which in the past year and the future is what Peking University and King & Wood have been thinking about and will jointly explore and make an important proposition for their efforts. She wished the students to think seriously and remain skeptical on the way to the future. “Peking University and King & Wood will always be the home base of everyone, and often come home and see.”



After that, Mr. Wang Junfeng delivered a speech and encouraged the students. He pointed out that the integration of law and business is aimed at cultivating a group of leading talents who have both legal thinking, business empowerment, political strategy, leadership, and future. “If you choose responsibility, you must stand in the ranks of leaders.” He believes that responsibility can best summarize the temperament and traits of the leader. He hopes that the future leaders of the new era will shoulder a new history’s responsibility, facing challenges, innovation and change, having courage to take responsibility, and lead the future.



At the graduation ceremony, students of future leaders announced the establishment of a Future Leadership Development Fund to support and fund outstanding students of Peking University Law School and outstanding innovation and entrepreneurship projects that are in line with the “Future Leadership” project concept. Jiang Fengtao, the first donor of the fund, the first student of the future leader, and a partner of Beijing Hengdu Law Firm, donated a cheque to Peking University Law School. Lu Jiangnan, deputy secretary of the law school, accepted the cheque on behalf of the college. All the guests and students witnessed the donation ceremony. Through the establishment of the fund, the PKU-KWM Global Legal and Business Executive Program will further contribute to the development of leaders who meet the needs of the times and lead the future development of China and the world.



At last, Prof. Zhang Shouwen, Dean of Peking University Law School and Mr. Wang Junfeng, Global Chairman of King & Wood Mallesons, presented each student with a diploma and a commemorative gift, and took a group photo.






After the ceremony, Zhang Shouwen, Dean of Peking University Law School, Pan Jianfeng, Party Secretary, and Ouyang Zhenyuan, Dean of the King & Wood Mallesons, together with the student representatives and Ms. Yu Mei, Executive Director of the Great China Bank of Singapore, unveiled the future leader class alumni tree. “Good and honest, leading the future”, the graduates inscribed in the tree, leaving a permanent memorial for the alma mater. The alumni tree carries the farewell and blessings of the first batch of graduate students, and will grow with the students of the PKU-KWM Global Legal and Business Executive Program and Future Leadership Class.



Relying on the advantages of the platform, responding to the needs of the times, serving the country and global development strategy, in 2017, Peking University Law School cooperated with Jindu Public Welfare Foundation, King & Wood Mallesons and King & Wood College to create the PKU-KWM Global Legal and Business Executive Program and the “Future Leaders” course. This project aims to condense intellectual resources and practical experience, break the barriers of theory and practice, and strive to build a platform for high-end legal business talents based in China and the world, and to cultivate legal and business leaders who serve China and the future of mankind.

Law, is the beginning of the rule; Business, is for the country and the people; the integration of the law and business makes us knowing what to do. With the successful completion of the first course, the PKU-KWM Global Legal and Business Executive Program has also ushered in a new journey and a new starting point. The program will always take the legal practice and business experience in the process of globalization as the basic dimension, continuously improve and enrich the high-end curriculum system with a vision of the future and, focus on the real experience and talent demand of social development, and cultivate the innovative and courageous composite leader for all fields of society.






Translated by: Nie Xudong

Edited by: Ding Jieyao