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"Seminar on Hot Issues in Smart Investment Counselor Frontiers " was Successfully Held

On June 30, 2018, the "Standards and Developments: Seminar on Hot Issues in Smart Investment Counselor Frontiers" was successfully held in the Koguan Building of the Law School. The seminar was hosted by Peking University Law School and Peking University Law Artificial Intelligence Laboratory/Research Center and co-organized by Tencent Financial Research Center. Well-known scholars from Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China, China University of Political Science and Law, and other experts from the industry's leading enterprises, representatives of regulatory authorities and self-regulatory organizations, attended the discussion. The meeting was presided over by Professor Guo Li, Associate Dean of Peking University Law School.



Professor Zhang Shouwen, Dean of Peking University Law School, Director of Tencent Financial Research Center, and General Manager of Tencent Financial Legal Compliance Department Feng Mingjie delivered speeches at the opening session. Subsequently, vice president Yan Min of Tencent's payment platform and financial application line, president Mo Limei of Yixin Law and Compliance Department, and Professor Li Wenli of Shanghai University of International Business and Economics brought three wonderful keynote speeches.



Later, the guests discussed three topics. Item 1 focused on the legal relationship and legal responsibility of smart investment, discussed the definition of the obligations and responsibilities of all parties concerned, and how to build risk sharing and dispute resolution mechanisms in the context of intelligence. Topic 2 focused on data utilization and personal information protection in smart investment, and discussed how smart customers can use user information protection, data security and service precision in the process of using and mining user data. Topic 3 focused on the appropriateness management of sales involved in smart investment, and analyzed the differences between smart investment and traditional sales, as well as the challenges and developments of existing appropriate rules. Experts and scholars have had a heated discussion on these issues from different angles.



Professor Guo Li finally gave a brief summary of this seminar. He pointed out that the new ways of smart investment and other new methods are largely due to the social concerns about the limited rationality of people. At the same time, the upgrading of laws and regulations is also necessary. Take care to avoid the limitations of technology myths. The participating experts highly praised the seminar and thought that the conference brought together the very influential and representative views of the industry, academics and government departments, and contributed wisdom to the healthy development of the industry.


Translated by Jiang Lu

Edited by: Ding Jieyao