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Celebrate the 120th anniversary of Peking University and Reveal the Style of Youth——The Law School's "Legal Culture Festival" Campaign in 2018

At the time of the 120th anniversary of the founding of Peking University, the Law School successfully hosted the annual “Legal Culture Festival” series of student activities. The Youth League Committee of the Law School, student organizations, and student organizations actively prepared and planned and organized a series of student activities with new forms, rich contents, and remarkable results. The Legal Culture Festival was fully utilized as the second class of law school to educate and educate students. positive effects.

This article is a report on the activities of the Law School's “Legal Culture Festival” series of students in 2018, which will lead you to a glimpse of the youthfulness of Peking University legal people.

Theory-based, creating a strong atmosphere of learning. On the evening of April 4th, consolidated Youth League School of the Law School and College of Urban and Environmental Sciences organized a teacher-student exchange meeting in the Room 406 of the Second Teaching House to hear Professor Bai Jianjun talk about those things on the academic road. Prof. Bai Jianjun shared his experience of super-moral fun brought about by logical reasoning on the academic road, and pointed out that interdisciplinary research, reserve social experience, and maintaining modesty can effectively promote this experience. Prof. Bai’s humorous narrative approach won applause from the audience and inspired students’ interest in academic research in the “Smite and silent”.

On the evening of April 13th, the second “Ge·Lv” Forum of Law Masters jointly organized by the Youth League School of Law School and the Student Union was successfully held at the Koguan Building Moot Court. The event invited Prof. Chen Ruihua of the Law School as the guest speaker and the topic of the lecture was “ Supervision Law--Several Theoretical Issues on Supervision System Reform." Prof. Chen Ruihua thoroughly explained the background and reasons for the establishment of the supervision committee and the introduction of the supervision law from the perspective of integrating national anti-corruption forces and reforming the national supervisory system; he also explained in detail the key content of the supervision law, taking the organizational and procedural law as the starting point. In simple language, it fully demonstrates the overall structure of the supervision law. This lecture invites teachers to interpret hot topics, which helps to stimulate students' enthusiasm for learning and practically improve their theoretical level.



From April 8th, the Law School Student Union conducted several offline self-study activities at the College of Education and Second Education. The purpose of this activity is to help law students reduce their reliance on electronic devices, increase learning efficiency and focus, and call on everyone to cherish valuable learning time. The students, under the guidance of the classmates, conducted a quiet and orderly signing and self-study, and the atmosphere of on-site learning was strong. The offline self-study series helps students develop good study habits and make progress together in a dedicated learning atmosphere.

Establish contacts and give full play to the role of the seniors in learning the role of sisters. On April 13th and 20th, the Law School Student Union held a double-degree salon event at Chen Ming Lou. The senior students of the law school shared their experiences on the double degree programs that the students were interested in. During the exchange meeting, the senior elder sisters explained to the junior classmates the original intention of choosing the dual degree, the process of applying for the double degree, the similarities and differences between the dual degree programs, the challenges of learning double degrees, and the gains and insights of the double degree study. The exchange meeting provided a platform for the students to share their experience in the dual degree, and built bridges and channels for communication among students at the senior and junior levels, and effectively played a positive role for student organizations in serving students.

On April 22nd, the Federation of Masters of Laws, "The 2018 Master's Program for the Divide of Experiences in the Direction of Experience," was successfully held in the Academic Reporting Hall of Koguan Building. The event invited 17 senior students in 15 directions, including law and public policy, intellectual property law, and financial law, to discuss issues such as curriculum setting, faculty strength, tutor system, internship opportunities, employment situation, and selection requirements in all directions. In-depth and meticulous explanations were provided to help students in Yanyi comprehensively consider their own strengths and interests and rationally make professional choices. 



The “Leadership of the Legal Minds” is a push interview column set up by the Student Association of Law School to provide career planning guidance for college students and to enhance the exchange and sharing of experience between high and low grade students. The program invites students of law school who have made outstanding achievements in professional studies, student work, international exchanges, academic research, and job creation to serve as guests. They share their personal experiences and related experiences with students by pushing articles. . In October 2017, Yang Yifei, a 2010 undergraduate student who was studying Harvard University’s JD degree, introduced the experience of applying for a JD degree from the world's top law school. In November 2014, 2014 undergraduates Wu Yuyang and Su Linlu studied for Academic Master and Professional Master respectively. Sharing experiences and experiences; in January 2018, 2015 grade undergraduate Chen Zongqing described his preparation process and learning experience in applying for the exchange project of the Chinese University of Hong Kong Law School; in May 2012, the 2012 class undergraduate Zhang Bojian alumni shared her at Fangda Law Firm. Work experience and thinking about career planning. The exquisite push of dry goods was praised by the classmates. The figure of the outstanding seniors motivated the students of law schools to advance.



Diligent practice, exercise the ability of students' qualifications. On the afternoon of April 20th, the legal practice training camp organized a first-year undergraduate classmate of law school to go to Beijing Haiwen Law Firm for a visit. Through in-depth exchanges with the reception lawyer, the accompanying students have a comprehensive understanding of the law firm's working environment, operation methods, selection criteria and training mechanisms. This visit provided a channel for law school students to visit domestic excellent law firms and opened the “mysterious veil” of law firms, so that students could personally feel the work atmosphere of the law firm.

   On April 25th, the Law School Student Union held the “Future Face” at the Koguan Building Auditorium - the first job search and guidance exchange meeting of the Law School Student Union. Sunway Times Partners, lawyers and human resources specialists attended the event and provided the participants with the latest job search information and a wealth of job search guidance. The event provided students with an opportunity to face-to-face and exchange professional lawyers, help students understand the career of lawyers, guide students to better make their own career plans, and make unremitting efforts.



On the afternoon of May 24th, the School of Law School and the Legal Aid Association jointly organized the Haidian District People’s Court to attend hearings. During the trial, the students focused on learning to observe. After the trial ended, the presiding judge held a symposium with the visiting students to jointly exchange and discuss the relevant legal issues in the case, and detailed the organization structure, personnel arrangement and work characteristics of the court. The participating students asked questions and expressed opinions on the selection criteria, terms of reference and daily work of the judges. The event led the students to walk into the grass-roots courts to gain an in-depth understanding of the development of the rule of law at the grassroots level and the current status of the judges' profession

  In-depth exchanges and smooth inter-school cooperation channels. On the afternoon of April 27th, the 14th College of Young Legalists in the Capital University Law School was successfully held in the simulation court of Koguan Building with the theme “Knowledge and Law - New Issues in Intellectual Property Protection”. Mr. Wang Liyan, a partner of Beijing Daoan Law Firm, attended the forum as a guest speaker. Students participating in the forum were representatives from seven law schools in Beijing. The attendees took the “knowledge challenge in the network environment” as the main line, focusing on hot issues such as the rights of live sports events, the protection of the rights of game screens, and the evaluation of the rights and interests of online platforms. Representatives from universities and colleges held group discussions on two topics: “Intellectual Property Protection in the Information Age” and “Intellectual Property Protection in Artificial Intelligence.” The delegates were well-prepared and the atmosphere of the on-site discussion was enthusiastic. Everyone expressed their own opinions and started the collision of thinking and wisdom. The forum provided a communication platform for young capital legal persons in the capital and promoted cooperation and exchange among the capital law school.



On the afternoon of May 19, the 10th Anniversary of the establishment of the Moot Court Community Exchange Conference and Legal Practice Training Camp was successfully held. The legal practice training camp of the Peking University Law School invited the heads of the moot courts of Tsinghua University, China University of Political Science and Law, and People’s University of China to attend the event and share with them the experience and experience of simulating court games and related events. This activity will help schools of law schools exchange experience and learn from each other, laying the foundation for further enhancing their feelings and deepening cooperation.



From April 22 to May 27, the 8th Beijing College Law Debating Competition of the "Da Hui Cup" was successfully held at the Peking University Law School. There are a total of 10 Beijing colleges and universities participating in the competition. The competition aims to “display the talents of law students and enhance the exchange of students in law schools of Beijing universities”. In the more than one game held in January, the colleges and universities represented their brilliance and powerful debates. The competition helps to cultivate the outstanding qualities of contemporary law scientists who are "good at thinking and excusing themselves."





Translated by: Ao Minyu

Edited by:Peng Yuchen