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The Intelligent Times Legal Information Service Seminar Was Successfully Held

On May 11,2018,“The Seminar of Legal Information Service of Intelligent Times” was held successfully in Lecturer Hall,Koguan Building,PKULS. The conference was organized by Peking University Law School,Peking University Legal Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and Peking University Legal Information Center,Co-organizers include Beijing Law Society Legal Library and Legal Information Research Society,Beijing Yinghua Technology Co., Ltd.,Beijing Huayu Information Technology Co., Ltd.,Beijing Weiwen Shengye Culture Development Co., Ltd. and Peking University Legal Information Network. More than 150 people including presidents of a domestic law schools, directors of libraries, and chief editors of law journal s attended the conference.



At the beginning of the meeting, r Prof. Wang Xixin(Deputy Dean of PKULS),Ms.Chen Zhihong(Director of Peking University Law Library ),Mr.Zhao Xiaohai(Vice Director of Peking University Legal Artificial Intelligence Laboratory) spoke in orde, they expressed their warm welcome to the arrival of the participants. Subsequently, many experts made keynote speeches and discussed several frontier issues related to artificial intelligence and law. In the salon discussion session, participants attended the theme salon “The Development of Intelligent Age Legal Journals” and “The Development of Intelligent Age Legal Education”. The participants also had a lively discussion with the guests on related issues.



The closing session of the meeting was summed up by Tang Shiliang, deputy general manager of Peking University Yinghua Technology Co., Ltd. He said that this seminar is an ideological feast for academic exchanges. Participants shared insights from different perspectives.And artificial intelligence is still in its infancy, and legal people need to adapt to the development of artificial intelligence with an open, inclusive mindset and keep up with the pace of the smart age.



The legal information service industry in the era of intelligence has ushered in new challenges. This seminar, as one of the 120th Anniversary series activities of Peking University, brings the elites in relevant fields together and will help deepen people’s understanding of legal information services in the smart age and help promote the development of China’s legal information industry.


Translated by: Ding Jieyao

Edited by: Jiang Lu