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the Opening ceremony of advanced seminar on cross legal issues in criminal law, civil law and administrative law of PKULS successfully held

With the rapid development of economy and the increasing diversity of social life, cross legal issues in criminal law, civil law and administrative law become a difficult problem in judicial practice. In order to improve the business level and the anti risk ability of the criminal lawyers, we aimed to create a high access and high level learning exchange platform. From May 19th to 23rd, PKULS held a high-level seminar on the cross legal issues. On the morning of 19, at 8:10, the opening ceremony was held in the lecture hall of Koguan Building. Pan Jianfeng, vice party secretary and vice dean of PKULS, Yang Xiaolei, vice dean of law school, attended the event. The opening ceremony was presided over by Shi shi, director of the National Cooperative Office of PKULS. 214 criminal defense lawyers from all over the country participated in the seminar.


In the opening speech, Secretary Pan Jianfeng pointed out that in recent years, the Supreme People's court has published relevant judicial interpretations and trial paths about the criminal law, civil law and administrative law. The cross legal issues of the criminal law, civil law and administrative law are often new problems. This subject of discussion could promote the combination of academic achievements and judicial practice. It is of great significance to discover new problems, put forward new ideas and develop new methods. Secretary Pan said that the college has always adhered to   three principles. One is to adhere to the teaching style and to be realistic and pragmatic. Two is to do the product grid, excellently teaching and enthusiastic service. And three is to uphold and carry forward the idea of "freedom of thought and inclusive" in Peking University. Finally, he hoped that a series of excellent courses brought by the top teachers with both professionalism and professionalism are not only the imparting of the technical specialties, but also the collision of ideological sparks, so that scholars, experts and students could make due contributions to the construction of the rule of law in China.



The representative of the old students, Song Hongchang, a senior partner of the Guohao law office, and the deputy director of the criminal Department of Henan national law firm, Chen Ning gave speeches on the opening ceremony. They have expressed the expectation that the ideological feast, which has a unique academic feature and directly referring to practical needs under the unnamed lakeside, is expected to collide with the forefront of the academic ideas of Peking University. And exchanges with the best lawyers from all over the country to improve the level of the criminal defense business, and promote the success of the case. The progress of China's criminal justice is a big step forward in China's rule of law.



The intersection of criminal and civil breach of contract and administrative violation have always been a highly sophisticated business in criminal defense. To solve the cases of cross section, it is very important for the lawyer to handle the case: not only to be proficient in the criminal business, but also to know the practice of the civil and commercial affairs, not only with the height and depth of the theory, but also with rich judicial practice experience. PKULS, relying on the accumulation of profound discipline, invited top criminal jurisprudence and senior practical experts to interpret the basic theory training. At the same time, the outstanding criminal lawyers were  invited to teach their defense experience on the scene and guide the students to get a quick cleavage.

This workshop focused on the legal application of the criminal cross cases, the relationship between insider trading and punishment, the latest development of criminal evidence law, the controversial points. Chen Xinliang, Bai Jianjun, Chen Ruihua, Che Hao, Liang Genlin, Lu Jianping and other famous scholars were invited to the seminar, ramming the theoretical basis and clarifying the cross cases of the criminal and civil practice. Dai Changlin, Xu Zongxin, Xue Huogen, Shang Lunsheng and other senior practical experts and well-known lawyers talked about the judicial identification of the cross issues of the criminal law, the substantive "Three Regulations" of the court trial, the experience of the defense agency in the cross cases, the value of the case retrieval to the effective defense and so on.

The seminar also arranged characteristic salon on the theme of the "2017 most successful criminal defense". Under the auspices of  Xu Zongxing, the members of the national law association penalty Committee and the director of Zhejiang Jinglin law firm, and Chen Ruihua, the professor of criminal procedure law of PKULS, all the students carried out in-depth exchanges and interaction, reviewed the classic cases, shared useful experiences and explored the frontier issues.



The advanced study class was the fourth criminal defense study class held by PKULS on the basis of the successful experience of the first criminal case study class of the company unit crime case, the second new type of criminal defense business extension class and the third criminal defense Seminar on financial crimes. The PKULS has been promoting the continuing education of law for a long time, to advance the combination of theoretical achievements and legal practice, promote academic research and the steady development of the judicial reform, cultivate the legal talents and make a lasting contribution to China's legal system.




Translated by: Ding Jieyao

Edited by: Jiang Lu