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Law School's Talent Salon How to Enter the Top-Level Law Firm and Make Continuous Progress Successfully Held

On the afternoon of March 10th, the Law School's Talent Salon How to Enter the Top-Level Law Firm and Make Continuous Progress, which was held jointly by Career Development Office of Peking University Law School and Zhihe College, successfully held in Koguan Building Room B103. Su Du, Assistant to the President of Dongxu Group, Sun Ye, Partner of Smithfield Law Firm, Zhu Zhiping, Partner of Global Law Firm, Feng Chen, Lawyer of Fangda Partners, and He Jiawei, Education Director of Zhihe College attended the event. Ms. Hou Le, director of Career Development Office of Peking University Law School, presided over the activity. Some law school students took part in the activity.

First of all, Ms. Hou introduced the guests and the agenda. He Jiawei then shared his resume modification skills and interview experience with law firms with students from the perspective of legal professionals. He used examples to illustrate the three main principles of writing a resume: paring down, to the point, and simplified format. He believed that interviewees should have good moral character and show personal characteristics while paying attention to details.

Afterwards, the participating guests conducted in-depth exchanges on career planning and students. The lawyer Su Du pointed out that fresh graduates need to clear the direction of study and work, to develop suitable short-term planning. The lawyer Sun ye stressed that there was no good or bad choice as long as it was in line with its own reality. The lawyer Zhu Zhiping suggested that recent graduates should cherish the job opportunities of law firms, accumulate experience and win the market. The lawyer Feng Chen believed that it is necessary to study abroad. Students can choose the foreign university of their choice after working from the facts.



After that, the four lawyers gave their own opinions and suggestions on whether students should choose domestic and foreign law firms after graduation. Lawyer Su Du stressed that the choice should be in line with his own actual situation, overall consideration. Lawyer Sun Ye pointed that students should take their own interests into account, and different law firms can train their practical skills. Lawyer Zhu Zhiping gave reference suggestions from two aspects: salary level and future development. Besides, Feng Chen pointed out the advantages and disadvantages of domestic and foreign law firms from two aspects: personal growth space and professional skills training.

In the free question session, the four lawyers and students discussed the differences between Juris Master and Master of Laws, as well as related legal issues in the field of film and television and foreign companies. Finally, the participants took photos with students and the activity ended successfully.



The salon activity helps to broaden the students' individual development channels, the organic combination of classroom learning and practice work, provides insight into the law firms for law school students practice platform, to student's career and life planning has a positive meaning.




Photos by Sui Xin, article by Guan Ningning

Feeds by Youth League committee

Translated by Zhang Hengji

Edited by Jiang Lu