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Law School won the 2017 Student Career Development Education Award of Peking University

At 13:00 on April 22, the launching ceremony of the second PKU Career Day was held in the Moonlight Hall of Yingjie Exchange Center. Distinguished alumni Guo Sandui, leaders of some local parties and government departments, representatives of key enterprises and institutions, and representatives of higher levels were invited to attend the event. Gao Song, member of the standing committee, deputy principal and dean of Peking University Party Committee, Chen Baojian, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President, Xu Shandong, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Ministry of Medicine, hundreds of teachers and students of the school’s relevant functional departments, heads of departments, and teachers responsible for employment activity. Hou Le, director of the Employment Guidance Office of the Law School, and Guo Xingzhi, deputy director, attended the launching ceremony.

At the launching ceremony, awards and recognitions were given to the advanced individual and collective of the employment system of Peking University. The Law School won the 2017 Student Career Development Education Award of Peking University. Hou Le, teacher of the Employment Guidance Office of the Law School ,won the honorary title of “Outstanding Core Team for Employment” of Peking University in 2017.



The achievement of employment work is inseparable from the efforts of the employment department of our institute and the strong support of schools and colleges. The Law School has always emphasized the concept of vocational education, and after a long period of practical innovation, it has established a systematic and comprehensive system of employment work; closely integrates with national strategies to promote the precision and humane development of employment services. A series of professional career education activities, such as the Talent Saloon and the King Wood Forum, relying on legal student clubs, actively create a market-based employment, entrepreneurship and educating community and explore the formation of a preliminary program for the legal talent market docking mechanism.



In the past year, with the strong support and assistance of various departments of the school, the law school has successfully completed all the work, and the overall employment situation of graduates is good. In the QS World University Rankings with global influence, the global employers' ratings of Peking University Law School graduates continued to rise, ranking 7th in global legal professional rankings with 87.1 points, and 1st in Asia. Focusing on the future, while maintaining a high level of employment for students and wide-caliber employment, we will continue to open up work ideas, innovate work methods, integrate resources, innovate ideas, and strive to improve graduate employment competitiveness. Deeply implement the national guidelines and policies, earnestly strengthen employment guidance services, continue to explore structural reforms in the employment supply side of colleges and universities in the new aera, and provide the society with “rule of ethics and law” talented people.


Translated by: Wang Chenhuan

Edited by: Ding Jieyao