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Department of Peking University clinched the championship title of the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Competition, 2018 in China Division

From February 24 to February 26, 2018, the 16th China Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition was held in Renmin University of China. After winning two consecutive championships in 2015 and 2016, the Peking University team won the championship again. This is the fifth time that the Peking University team has won the China Division Championship.



The team consisted of 2017 Master of International Law Li Jiayi, 2014 undergraduate Li Xiaolan, Huang Qichen, Sun Yixian and 2015 undergraduate Shen Yiming. Zhang Jisen served as coach. Among them, Huang Qichen and Sun Yixian were the team captains, and Li Xiaolan and Shen Yiming were team players. This year's team was coached by teachers like Qiao Yifu, Yi Ping, and other law school teachers. The team was supported by several alumni such as Peng Ailun, Liu Ye, and Pang Xuan,also received the awards from Xie Xue, Lei Qi and Guo Jichen. In a tense three-day schedule, our school team won eight games in a row, passed all the way, and finally won the top spot. In addition, the team member Li Xiaolan won the best debater award and our team received the best pleadings for the square bill.



Since the formation of the team in June last year, under the care of law school leaders and teachers, with the support of coaches and the enthusiastic support of past graduates, all team members have devoted themselves, prepared carefully, and read a large number of professional works and classic cases, conducted meticulous research and intense discussion, wrote and revised the book several times, and implemented strict training in the winter vacation. On the field, our school team members not only demonstrated a higher level of international law and understanding of international hot issues, but also demonstrated excellent English skills, outstanding courtroom skills and unique personal style. They won the unanimous appreciation of the judges.

The Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition is hailed as an international law academic Olympics competition and is a professional legal debate hosted by the United States International Law Student Association (ILSA). Since its inception in 1959, the event has been more than 50 years old. There are more than 900 universities participating in more than 100 countries every year. It is the largest and oldest simulated court game in the world, and it is also a concentrated display of the level of legal education in various countries.The team of Peking University won the championship of China in four times in 2006, 2012, 2015 and 2016 respectively. The re-arrival of the China Division this time reflects the strong teaching and scientific research strength, talent cultivation ability and first-class internationalization level of Peking University Law School.


Translated by: Wang Chenhuan

Edited by: Yang Jian