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2018 QS World University Rankings for Law Released ——The Peking University Law School has consistently ranked in the top three in Asian for four years

The 2018 list of QS World University Rankings for Law with global influence was announced on March 2. Peking University Law School ranks 21st in the world with a total score of 81.1 (including academic reputation, quotation of citations by the organization's teaching staff, employer rating, and index of h), ranking first in China's mainland and the top three in Asia for four consecutive years. Among them, the global employer evaluation of Peking University Law School graduates still maintained a strong advantage with point of 90.3. At the same time, judging from the 29 among the Global Top 50 Disciplines of Peking University, as a discipline ranked prominently in the field of Social Sciences, Law has contributed its strength to Peking University's establishment of a world-class university and world-class disciplines with Chinese characteristics, and has laid a solid foundation for it.

Peking University Law School adheres to the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the thirteenth Party Congress of Peking University, and always takes the cultivation of high-level legal talents of “both Morality and Law” as the center of education. While adhering to the traditional theoretical teaching, we must strengthen the cultivation of students' practical abilities. While emphasizing the cultivation of professional abilities, we must enhance the overall quality of the students. While guiding students to pay attention to the problems in China, we should also broaden the students' international perspective. In 2017, Law School opened two practical courses including “Criminal Defense Practice” and “International Dispute Settlement: Practices and Skills”. At the same time, it continued to carry out featured lessons such as Tianyuan lawyer practice, contract law practice, civil law case study, and legal clinics, which effectively improves the students’ ability of dialectical thinking and ability to solve practical problems, and helps the law talents develop in an all-round way. At the same time, Peking University Law School has established a stable exchange and cooperation relationship with the law schools of many famous universities in the world. Each year, more than 100 students and teachers are selected to study or lecture in famous universities around the world. Thanks to the long-term education system throughout the entire process, Peking University Law School graduates have won wide acclaim from global employers for their solid theoretical foundation, excellent professional qualities, comprehensive comprehensive capabilities, and leading international level.

For a long time, Peking University Law School has always been aiming to build a world-class university law school, insisting on high-quality, high-level school running, continuously improving teaching, research, and management levels; adhering to the open ideas of “Based in China with Global Visions” and continuously improving the level of internationalization. In the field of teaching and research, law school teachers actively participate in academic legal research, Law School now has 36 research centers, publications, has published 24 kinds of high-quality academic journals. Among them, Peking University Law Journal has long collected CSSCI source journals, and the number of selected journals is the most in the national law schools.

In addition, Peking University School of Law actively organizes large-scale international conferences and academic activities, inviting overseas well-known scholars, judges, government officials, and lawyers to present lectures;engages overseas visiting scholars to teach foreign law courses and admits international students from Europe, the United States, Asia, and Africa countries. To fully demonstrate the sense of mission and responsibility of the Peking University Law School in delivering the Chinese voice for the development of global legal theory and practice.

Peking University Law School will always adhere to the lofty ideal pursuit and global perspective, make full use of development resources and multi-disciplinary platforms, cultivate talents of the new era who have undertaken historical missions, look to the future world, care about and solve China’s problems, and participate in international resolution of legal affairs and legal issues at the same time. This will lead the development of the cause of the rule of law and legal education in China and integrate China’s legal cause into the development of the global legal cause.

The QS World University Rankings is conducted by Quacquarelli Symonds, an education and academic information company in the United Kingdom, each year to a global survey of scholars and employers, based on academic peer reviews, employer-based student employment evaluations, citations of academic results, teacher-student international Level and some other evaluation standards. It is one of the three most influential university ranking system in the world. Peking University Law School will continue to improve teaching, scientific research, domestic and foreign cooperation and other work, accelerate the pace of building a world-class law school, and make greater contributions to Peking University building a world-class university.

See the list of 2018 QS World University Rankings for Law for details:

Translated by: Jiang Lu

Edited by: Yang Jin