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The First Legal Director Forum Held Successfully

At 9:00 on November 26, 2017, The First Legal Director Forum, sponsored by Peking University Law School and The Legal Risk Management of Chinese Enterprise Research Center, was successfully held at Koguan Building. The forum was aimed at "problem oriented, practical frontier, high-end communication and continuous development", and the first forum focused on “The Conflict and Coordination Between Transferation Rules of Stock and Transferation Rules of State Assets”. The participants and experts and scholars of PKULS jointly expressed their views on six specific topics under the subject, sharing their experience in the work and research.This forum washosted by Prof. Jiang Daxing. The dean of PKULS, Prof. Zhang Shouwen attended and made a welcome speech. There were more than twenty experienced legal directors and lawyers attended the forum. It has also received wide attention and active participation from students.



In the speech session, on behalf of PKULS, Prof. Zhang Shouwen welcomed all the guests. Prof. Zhang pointed out that the holding of this forum is of great significance. The main contradictions and basic problems in the new era have changed. The solution of the basic problems depends on the solid practice of the rule of law and the improvement of the legal rules. He said that this forum was a rare opportunity for the practical elites to share valuable experience in the work, and the issues from the frontiers of practice would provide inspiration for relevant legislation, judicial work and academic research. Finally, Prof. Zhang thanked the guests for their support in the personnel training and discipline construction for PKULS.



You Yong, the representative of China Minmetals Corporation, gave a speech on behalf of all the legal directors present. He reviewed the preparatory process of the forum and reiterated the original intention of the Legal Director Forum, that is, to promote the link between legal education and practical operations through this event and promote the exchange of legal colleagues. You Yong said that he expected the legal directors and lawyers present to express their own views on the issues of this forum, and hoped that the theoretical and practical fields would pay more attention to the equity transferation of state-owned enterprises.



The forum invited four of the thirteen part-time tutors of company law and securities law. After the speech session, Prof. Zhang Shouwen gave a letter of appointment to four part-time tutors, including You Yong.




In the discussion session, the participants had a discussion on six issues, including the legal effect of the audit / approval behavior in the state capital transaction, the validity of the subject qualification clause in the national capital transaction, the conflict between the rules of the property exchange preemption and the company law, the compliance of the "hand pull" approach, the standard and problem of the assets evaluation in the property right transaction, and the benefit assignment of the transition period. Eight guests such as Lawyers Zhu Huafang of Tiantong Law Firm made a speech on the topics above.







At the end of the theme speech, the commentators and the guests present furtherly discussed the issues mentioned before, and Professor Jiang Daxing summarized the new issues raised in the discussion. This forum is successfully concluded in a harmonious discussion atmosphere.




In this forum, the participants, as researchers or practitioners of the relevant rules, discussed the specific topics fully, and provided a sense of problem and valuable suggestions for the legislative, judicial and academic research.


Translated by: Ding Lu

Edited by: Wang Chenhuan