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Peking University team re-won the 11th ICRC Tribunal in mainland China

On December 3 2017, the 11th ICRC Moot Court Competition in China ended in Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Peking University team composed of law students from Peking University all the way to success, achieved third place good results. The Peking University team will work together with the AFC team to represent mainland China to Hong Kong in the 2018 International Circuit Tribunal for the International Humanitarian Law in the Asia Pacific Region.

During the preliminary round, Peking University team members prepare fully and calmly deal with, in many participating teams come to the fore. Although regret in the semifinals lost, but in the intense bronze medal match, players actively adjust their mentality, in the face of the judge's chase and opponents sharp counterattack, methodical, flexible defense, demonstrated a solid legal foundation , Clear logical analysis ability and accurate on-site response ability, got highly praised by judges and finally defeated Fudan University team, won the third place of this competition.

The Peking University team from the law school vice secretary of the Communist Youth League Fu Chengyu teacher as a leader, 2016 undergraduate Chen Haiwen served as captain, from the UK international exchange student Matthew O'neil served as coaches, the players for the Chen Haiwen, Fengruoning, researcher Zhang Yixing. Team members were carefully instructed by teacher Joe Pratt and Jacob Clark during the preparation process. Li Xiao-lan, Shen Yiming, Guo Jijun, Wuning, graduating alumni Chen Jing and Zhang Yuxiang also made valuable suggestions. College Youth League and other departments for team members to provide adequate organizational security and logistical support.

Since its establishment in 1863, the ICRC has promoted and developed international humanitarian law as one of its core activities. The ICRC delegation in East Asia has been running the IHL Moot Court Competition in mainland China since 2007 with the aim of promoting IHL in colleges and universities and establishing good teaching in the field of international humanitarian law through cooperation with academia And the tradition of research, so that young students who will eventually become the next generation of leaders to create a more perfect humanitarian world. This competition is jointly sponsored by the ICRC and Shanghai Jiaotong University. A total of 33 teams from mainland China participated in the competition, which once again set the maximum number of teams to be re-established.

I wish Peking University's team a great success in the race for the ICRC Tribunal in Asia Pacific in 2018!

Translated by: Ao Minyu

Edited by: Hang Jiajia