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The First Exhibition of PKULS on Student Overseas Study and Exchange Education in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Was Successfully Held

On October 20th, the first exhibition of PKULS on student overseas study and exchange education in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan was held successfully at Kaiyuan Building and Chen Ming Building of PKULS. Zhang Shouwen, the dean of Peking University Law School, Wang Xixin, the vice dean of Peking University Law School, and 46 deputies, recruiting directors, professors and graduates from 28 law schools at home and abroad attended the event.

The educational exhibition contains a variety of forms, including the University Exhibition Advisory Council, college lectures, face-to-face with admissions and network platform display. The event is divided into 10 venues. The first floor of Kaiyuan Building is the main venue of education exhibition. The 28 famous law schools present at the main venue set up the booth throughout the day and provided students with "one to one" site consultation; the other nine venues held information session at the same time, so that students at home and abroad could have more comprehensive understanding of well-known legal education.

9: 00-9: 30 am, the entrance to the education exhibition and the opening ceremony were held in the original lecture hall of Kaiyuan Building. First, vice dean Wang Xi Xixin extended a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the guests on behalf of Peking University Law School. He said that in order to expand the channels and opportunities for overseas students to study at the dawn of Peking University's 120th anniversary, provide students with concentrated overseas exchange and study abroad information, promote the internationalization of the college and enhance the international influence of the college, Peking University Law School organized the education show. Subsequently, Dean Zhang Shouwen delivered a speech, expressing his best wishes for the successful holding of the Education Exhibition. He hoped that PKU students participating in this activity could enhance their understanding of other law schools and make a reasonable planning.

9: 30-11: 50 am, Dean Zhang Shouwen met with seven dean, vice dean and assistant dean, who come from Japan's Waseda University Law School, Tokyo University Law School, University of Sydney Law School, Northwestern University Law School, Loyola University Los Angeles Law School, Ye Shiva University Cardozo Law School and Uppsala University Law School of Sweden, introduced the development history and foreign exchange of Law School of Peking University. Dean Zhang Shouwen hopes to take this event as an opportunity to deepen the cooperation among various law schools in colleges and universities and to expand cooperation channels for exchange of students, degree programs and exchange of visits between teachers. During the meeting, Uppsala University Law School of Sweden signed a memorandum of understanding with Peking University Law School and looked forward to establishing long-term and profound partnership with Peking University Law School.

At the same time, seven special lecture institutions of Waseda University Law School in Japan, Law School of Paris University of Politics in France, Queen Mary University of London School of Law in England, Adelaide University Law School in Australia, Law School of Northwestern University, Law School of Pennsylvania University and Law School of Tokyo University were held in Kaiyuan Building. Admission officers at seven leading law schools gave a detailed account of their institution's curriculum, the LL.M., J.D. program and other highlights to present the unique charm of their law school. It is also worth mentioning that professors from Law School of the University of Pennsylvania conducted online exchanges with students attending the seminar through video conferencing. The professor gave a detailed introduction of Pennsylvania University's profound course of history and specialization, which was demonstrated in fluent Chinese from time to time during the exchange and got unanimously praised of the students.

12: 00-13: 00, "Enrollment Supervisor face-to-face" activity was held in Kaiyuan Building, 307 venue, the atmosphere was warm. The admission officers at seven institutions, Law School of the Netherlands Leiden University, Law School of Northwestern University, Cardoso Law School of Yew Shiva University, Law School of Ohio State University, Loyola Law School of Chicago, South Methodist University Law School and Queen's College London, England, gave detailed descriptions of how to write a letter of recommendation, a channel for applying for a scholarship, and the requirements for academic performance. The students actively put forward their doubts to the admission supervisors, and each admission supervisor gave a number of highly targeted and constructive responses after a comprehensive analysis.

1: 00-3: 00 pm, in Chen Ming building and Kaiyuan Building, 13 well-known law schools, National University Law School in Singapore, Law School of Sydney University, Law School of Luxembourg University, Law School of King's College London, United Kingdom, Law School of University of Michigan , Loyola Chicago Law School, Ohio State University School of Law, Indiana University School of Law, Yew Shiva University Cardozo Law School, South Methodist University Law School, Loyola University Los Angeles Law School, Netherlands Leiden University Law College and Law School of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, all held special seminars to attract more Peking University Law School students attended the show, the leaders of colleges and universities combined the collective show with personal conversation, through a variety of forms from a number of perspectives, they conducted meticulous explanations and introductions on infrastructure construction, internal discipline development, faculty composition and international cooperation projects of their school. Participants listened attentively and put forward targeted issues in light of their own learning plans. The special lecture of the universitys set up a platform for in-depth interaction and exchange between well-known law schools at home and abroad and Peking University Law School students, broadened the international perspective of students and effectively provided high-quality education to students desiring to study abroad and exchange programs consultation service.

The educational exhibition organized by Peking University Law School serves as a warm-up for Peking University's 120th anniversary celebration. It not only broadens the channels of communication between Peking University Law School and well-known law schools at home and abroad, but also innovates the cooperation mode mechanism among law schools, provides a good platform for mutual understanding between well-known colleges and students and a good opportunity for students of Peking University Law School to study abroad. While broadening the international perspective of students, it greatly enhances the cooperation between Peking University Law School's International Competitiveness and Influence. Starting from the historical starting point for comprehensively promoting the construction of "double-top-class education," Peking University Law School will continue to promote more extensive and in-depth cooperation among well-known institutions under the background of the law and continuously contribute to the construction of world-class legal science disciplines.


Drafted by Zhang Yuhan and Xu Jingwen

Photos offered by Yang Chunjun, Huang Tao and Lu Ting

Translated by Tian Junxin

Edited by Wang Mi