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Ms. Audrey Baker, Head of International Exchange Program, Columbia University Law School, visited PKULS and Held a Project Session

On the afternoon of November 6, 2017, Ms. Audrey Baker, head of international exchange program at Columbia University Law School, visited our college and held Columbia University School of Law degree program, exchanging projects and summer project lectures at 202 room, Chen Ming Building.



At 2 p.m., Vice Dean Guo Li of Peking University Law School and Ms. Yao Yueming from the Foreign Affairs Office warmly welcomed Ms. Audrey Baker. Both parties held cordial talks.


On behalf of Peking University Law School, Vice Dean Guo Li expressed his sincere welcome to Ms. Audrey Baker and introduced Ms. Audrey Baker to the general situation of Peking University Law School, the development of international exchange in recent years and the distinctive Chinese Laws Program. Ms. Audrey Baker thanked Vice Dean Guo and Ms. Yao for their warm reception and demonstrated the fruitful results of the four years since the establishment of Columbia Law School summer program. Ms. Audrey Baker said that Peking University Law School is the most important strategic partner of Columbia Law School in China. The two schools have long been embarked on a series of exchanges with students and teachers since the two sides signed the cooperation and exchange agreement. The exchange of students and teachers was satisfactory. The main purpose of this visit is to hope both sides can actively explore the all-round and deep-cooperation areas and directions on the basis of maintaining the existing good cooperation model. Vice Dean Guo Li expressed his approval. In March this year, two lectures given by Professor Peter L. Strauss from Columbia Law School were actively participated and well received by teachers and students of law school, meanwhile, both parties established closer cooperation. Afterwards, Ms. Audrey Baker visited Law School with the introduction of Vice Dean Guo Li.


At 2:45 p.m., a law Recruitment Session of Columbia Law School was held in room 202 of Chen Ming Building. Ms. Audrey Baker made detailed explanations on the application procedures, performance requirements, campus life and other aspects of Columbia Law School programs and exchange programs. At the same time, Ms. Audrey Baker gave a detailed introduction to the influential feature of Columbia Law School, the Summer Seminar on American Commercial Law. During the free questioning session, the students enthusiastically raised questions. Ms. Audrey Baker patiently answered the students' requests for admission to the degree program, writing the personal statement, and the teaching mode and cost of the summer seminar. Finally, Audrey Baker expressed his sincere wishes to the graduates, and are welcome to apply for various projects Columbia Law School. The lectures ended in a warm applause, and the students said they were well rewarded.



Translated by Zhang Hengji

Edited by Tian Junxin