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2018 Graduation Conference of the Law School Successfully Held

From October 11 to 13, 2018 Graduation Conference of the law school was held successfully in 80 Classroom, Koguan Building. Vice Party Secretary of law school - Lu Jiangnan, representatives of class teachers -Ye Shan & Huang Chen, Vice Director of Teaching Affairs Office - Zhang Jing, two of the teachers from our law school- FeiHaini&Wu Yalan, Director of Alumni Office - Lu Xinxin&Zhang Qunyuan, Vive Minister of Youth League Committee Secretary - Fu Chengyu, Director of Career Development Office - Hou Le, the teacher - GuoXingzhi and all the 2018 graduates attended the conference.

At 1:30 pm, October 11, the Graduation Conference of Undergraduates was held on time.At the beginning of the conference, Mr. Lumade a speech emphasized on the importance of the graduation. Then Ms. Feiexplained the requirement of credits and the notice of internship. Besides, she described the graduation procedures. Subsequently, Ms. Houcarried out the employment guidance for the graduates. At the end of the conference, Ms. Zhang introduced the alumni management and alumni activities.

The First Graduation Conference of Postgraduates was held at 13:30 on October 12. At the beginning, Mr. Lu made a speech about the importance of making a comprehensive plan for the graduate year. After that, Ms. Zhang made a represent on the graduation academic subjects and introduced several important issues. Then Ms. Hou and Mr. Fu described the employment affairs and the procedures of the transfer of the Party membership affairs in turns. Finally, Ms. Lu introduced the alumni management and how to use alumni cards.

The second Graduation Conference of Postgraduates was held at 13:30 on October 14. Firstly, Mr. Lu highly emphasized the importance of the relative affairs of the graduates. Next, Ms. Wu made a detailed guidance and an on-site Q&A segment for the present students. After that, Ms. Lu introduced the function of Alumni Office. Mr. Fu took turns to make an introduction of the Party Organization.Ms. Guo provided students with the guidance of strategies of the employment planning and job-hunting the end content.

Teachers from the Party Committee, Youth League Committee, Alumni Office, Teaching Affairs Office and Career Development Office provided guidance for all the graduates, offering assistanceto the graduatesof embarking on a new journey of lifesmoothly.


Translated by: Jiang Lu

Proofreader: Li Jiaying