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The Opening Ceremony of GLBE Future Leaders Program Held Successfully

In the morning of October 19, the opening ceremony of the Future Leaders program of PKU-KWMGlobal Legal and Business Executive Program(GLBE)was held successfully at the Courtyard of Peking University Law School(PKULS).

The opening ceremony was presided over by Yang Xiaolei, Deputy Dean of PKULS.

Prof. Zhang Shouwen, Dean of PKULS, pointed out in his speech that the opening ceremony of “Future Leaders”program is a critical momentfor the students, King & WoodMallesons (KWM) Academyand Peking University Law School to startanewchapter.

"As the first batch of students, we have the inescapable responsibility to carry forwardthe enthusiasm, ideas and beliefs of the organizers and tutors." Yu Mei, Executive Director for Greater China of Bank of Singapore,made a speech as a student representative. Yu Mei talked about her original aspiration to join the program from her own point of view.

Mr. Deng Zhonghan, NPC representative, academician of the China Engineering Academy,founder of Vimicro Group made a keynote speech. Starting from the changes of bicycles to shared bike, he talked about the future science and technology and the challenges it posed to "future leaders."

Mr. Huang Qisen, member of the CPPCC National Committee and chairman of the Tai Wo Group, a partner of KWM Academy, addressed a speech and encouraged students. He highlighted that the improvement of rule oflaw is important to commercial development.

At the close of the opening ceremony, Dean Zhang Shouwen and Mr. Wang Junfeng, Global Chairman of KWM, awarded badges to students, which symbolized their official membership of GLBE.

After the vice dean Yang Xiaolei presided over the conclusion, the ceremony for the opening of GLBE's “future leaders” course was successfully concluded.

Prof.Guo Li, the vice dean of PKULS, Lu Jiangnan, Vice Party Secretary of PKULSand other teachersalso attended the ceremony. General Secretary of China Chamber of International Commerce Yu Jianlong, General Counsel of Asian Development Bank Chris Steven, Vice Dean of Renmin University of China Law School Du Huanfang, Yiqiao China Founder, Rhodes Scholarship Winner Wang Sai, Partner of Shanghai XinDing Investment Management Center Zhang Weiandand other guests from all walks of life, Managing Partner of KWM Wang Ling, Global Chief Operating Officer of KWM Li Xiaoru, Senior Partner of KWM Jiang Junlu, Lou Xianying, TuWenxuan and Lu Qing, the chief operating officer of KWM China Office Yao Songbo and other guests from KWM were present at the ceremony.

In the afternoon of October 19, students participated the ice breaking activities onPKU campus. Through thegame, they quickly got close to each other, and better integrated themselves into the GLBE family.

The PKU-KWM Global Legal and Business Executive Program is established by PKULS, KWM Foundation, KWM and KWM Academy. Supported by the collective knowledge, resources and practical experience of these founding institutions, GLBE hope to create a world-class, China-based platform dedicated to cultivating senior legal professionals and business executives.

The first phase of the GLBE Future Leaders Program (Module 1) will invite experts and scholars like Zhang Weiying, XueZhaofeng, Liang Genlin, Yu Fei, Li Yi and Liang Xiaojun which come from the fields of law, economics, management, diplomacy and culture. They will demonstrate the macro structure of business and law in the context of global governance and lay the foundation for all lessons.

Translated by: Zhang Qi

Edited by: Jiang Lu