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PKULS and King & Wood LLP. ,Together to Achieve the Dream of High-end Legal and Business Talents

Recently, Peking University Law School, together with King & Wood Public Welfare Foundation,
King & Wood Law Firm and King & Wood University (hereinafter referred to as King & Wood), jointly launched The PKU-KWM Global Legal and Business Executive ProgramGLBE. GLBE's enrollment brochure with the above vision as the opening, on behalf of the program's thrust, and also demonstrated the ideal: cooperation based in China, facing the world and the future, training the world's high-end legal and business talents. 

Peking University Law School opened the precedent of modern Chinese law education, the results of the results in the domestic peers second to none. With strong teaching and research strength and international influence, in recent years, the international authority rankings, Peking University Law School ranking ranked first in the civil law countries, personnel training capacity of the top 10 in the world, in this area has taken the lead world class. King & Wood LLP is China's top law firm, which is the world's first international lawyer service organization based in Asia, in the context of China's reform and opening up and the legal construction. In recent years, King & Wood LLP ranked No. 1 in Acritas Asia Pacific Law Firm Brand Index and ranked forefront in Acritas Global Law Firm Brand Index, being recognized as the Asia-Pacific region's most innovative law firm.

Behind the combination of the two powerful, there are rich resources and valuable experience of legal construction, legal and commercial practice and cultivation of legal talents in China. Facing the future, with the global governance and human fate community development needs of the times, a multi-dimensional and ongoing platform that was created for the growth of global high-end legal and business talents came into being.


Translated by: Sun Dianjing

Edited by: Lei Qi