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The Peking University International Engineering Seminar Graduation Ceremony

On the afternoon of May 14, 2017, "The Belt and Road” International Cooperation Forum opened on the occasion, the Peking University International Engineering Seminar graduation ceremony was held at the law school Kaiyuan Building Conference Room 307, marking the first class during the 9 months ended successfully. Shouwen Zhang, the Peking University law school dean, Jingchun Shao, a professor of the law school, Dongfeng Zhao, the vice president of the association of International Engineering law (Chinese), and John Bishop, the chief representative of the former British Pincheng Mason LLP Beijing representative office attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Yijia Nian, the chief of the executive office.

After the ceremony began, Yijia Nian stuck a brief summary of the seminar on the course and project points. She reiterated the law school’s desire and hope for developing high-end legal and management personnel and creating the world's first subject of the law of international engineering. Then she leaded the students reviewing the development of the seminar after one year through a wonderful graduation ceremony video.

After watching the graduation video, the students were encouraged. Xiaoxiang Lei, the student representative, said, as the first participant of the seminar of the international engineering law of Peking University, he would take responsibility, and apply all of his thoughts, feelings and knowledge to the practice of International Engineering Law, as an own strength for the development of legal practice of international engineering.

Next, John Bishop, the seminar teacher representative, delivered a speech. This workshop covers international engineering law and “The Belt and Road” strategy implementation basic law and practice problems of seven modules, eighteen kinds of topics by fifteen renowned experts and scholars at home and abroad to give lectures. John Bishop thanked the Beijing University of law for its earnest invitation and commended the success and significance of the first international seminar on international engineering law.

After that, Professor Jingchun Shao, the project director of the seminar, the doctoral tutor of Peking University law school, and the director of the Institute of international economic law of Peking University, made a project summary.

Professor Shao proposed three key words: the first is the mission: with China promoting "The Belt and Road" and "going out" strategy, PKU shoulders the historic mission, and develops law education firstly, and set up the training project of the international engineering law. The second is the contribution: international engineering project are designed to bring benefits for human beings. The first international engineering law seminar participants should make contribution to the development of international engineering. The third is the treasure: Professor Shao encouraged all students to cherish the current good situation in the international engineering field of our country, the fate of teachers and students and the fate of student to pull together in times of trouble. Meanwhile, Dongfeng Zhao, the executive director of the seminar, introduced the requirements for graduation thesis.

In the warm atmosphere of the ceremony, Dean Shouwen Zhang, Professor Jingchun Shao and John Bishop awarded seminar graduation certificate and commemorative emblem for students and congratulated all students’ completion in first seminar of international engineering law of Peking University.

Finally, Dean Zhang addressed the graduation ceremony. Dean Zhang said, legal education should always closely link to concerning and solving the major problems in the national economy society. Under the background of "The Belt and Road" and "going out" strategy, international engineering shows a more and more important role in the process of China's foreign trade. As the country's first International Engineering Law Seminar, Peking University Law School cultivates high-end Leader Law elite, pays attention to the actual needs of the community, innovative breakthroughs, aimed at the implementation of the national strategy, leading talent for China international engineering law profession and the legal profession and legal training management can take the responsibility, and strive to create the world the first international engineering discipline. Dean Zhang finished his graduation speech with the blessing and expectation of the students. He congratulated students in an important day at the opening of "The Belt and Road” International Cooperation Forum, getting a number of important knowledge and learning outcomes. He wished the students be the vanguard, the industry leader, leading the cause of international engineering development method.

By developing the High-end talent of international engineering law method, the first international engineering law seminar of PKU attracted the first batch of students from across the country in a number of famous law firms and state-owned enterprises, institutions and other related fields in Peking University Law School, practicing "The Belt and Road" initiative, following the development strategy of "The Belt and Road, with real action for the realization of the great practice of The Belt and Road" to take a solid step forward.

At present, the second international engineering law training course of Peking University has been officially launched and comprehensively promoted. Experience and learn from the first results of engineering method of the seminar, the second session of the seminar will then seek a breakthrough, continue to undertake the historical mission of the times, guidelines, and focus on the most cutting-edge focusing on the curriculum design, the leader of the world within the scope of the industry agglomeration and academic strength, and strive to create a new chapter in the cause of international engineering method!


Translated by: Lei Qi

Edited by: Lei Qi