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2017 Welcoming Ceremony of Law School Held Successfully

On September 4th and 6th, Law School held a welcoming ceremony at Koguan Building. The Dean of Law School Zhang Shouwen, the Party Secretary and Deputy Dean Pan Jianfeng, Deputy dean Guo Li, Vice Party Secretary Piao Wendan, Vice Party Secretary Lu Jiangnan, Rao Geping, Bai Jianjun, He Weifang, Wang Jin, Tang Yingmao, Ye Shan, Chen Ruoying, Zhang Yongle, Qiao Yifu, Chen Zhihong, Shi Shi, Dang Shuping, Du Xuejiao, Hou Le, Dong Binyu, Jia Weiwei, Fu Chengyu, Guo Xingzhi, Zhu Yuqi were present at the ceremony. All 2017 freshmen attended the ceremony.


The Ceremony was hosted by Prof. Pan Jianfeng and began with the speech of him. As the representative of law school, Prof. Pan offered congratulations and gave a warm welcome to all 2017 freshmen. Prof. Pan said the previous glory already passed away and he encouraged students to take efforts to study from then on.


At the ceremony of September 4th, Prof. Rao Geping made a speech as the representative of teachers. Prof. Rao warmly welcomed and congratulated all fresh juris Master. He stressed that students acquirednot only professional knowledge at the stage of postgraduate, but also a sublimation of thoughts. He encouraged studentsto establish a correct outlook and value, to uphold to reason, conscience and social responsibility, to participate in the rule of law, and to be the pillars of our nation and society.


Liu Andong, juris master of 2015, made a presentation as the representative of undergraduates. He shared three mottos to students, hoping that they put study at the first place, become a versatile people, and pay attention to the cultivation of personality at the same time. He finished his speech with “Greet the better you” and encouraged students to cherish the time and have a better future.


Fang Minglu, juris Master of 2017, made a presentation representing the freshmen. She shared her experience of choosing to study law as agraduate who did not study it before. She hopedthat students can always be “young”, as well as keep the enthusiasm and innocent attitude towards study and life.


On the ceremony of September 6th, Prof. Bai Jianjun made a speech as the representative of the teachers. By telling the story of four ordinary but unusual PKUers, he conveyed the faith of “Everyone is unique in PKU” to students. At the same time, he made many suggestions to them, such as advancing gradually, trying to find out what they fit for, making the proper life plan and study plan, increasing self requirements.


Jiang Zhenxin, legum Magisters of 2016, made a speech representing the undergraduates. From her experience of legal provisions, practical operation and legal research, she encouraged freshmen to find a world outside the standard answer and to cultivate skepticism and critical thinking.


Zhang Yuhan, bachelor of 2017, made a speech representing the freshmen. From the case of Nie Shubin, she shared her understanding of morality and law. She hoped to listen to the lectures and realize the value with all the freshmen, and to be a prominent and responsible lawyer.


Li Ande, Master of Chinese law, made a speech representing foreign students. He found Chinese culture broad and attractive, and he would take advantage of the great atmosphere and resources to study.


The dean of law school, Prof. Zhang Shouwen made a speech with the topic of time. He recalled the construction of rule of law in different historical periods and emphasized the importance of pursuming reform, pursuming rule of law, and pursuming development. He said, in the new historical period, PKULS should place talent cultivation as the first function and the students should be pragmatic and diligent, developing legal thinking.At last, he encouraged students to think independently, to distinguish right from wrong, to practice both morality and talent, to develop comprehensively, and to be an excellent lawyer, making contributions to our country and society.


The welcome ceremony of law school came to end with applause. This annual celebration is a start point at the road of pursuit of freshmen. The arrival of freshmen infuses new energy to our school. We believe that they can undertake the great mission of pursuing truth and developing law.



Translated by: Ding Lu

Edited by: Lei Qi