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2017Law School graduates farewell ceremony was held

9:30 amJune 22, 2017law school graduates farewell ceremony held in the Centennial Monument of Peking University was held. FAW Toyota Sales Co., Ltd. Mr. Chen Xiaojun, Director of Law Firm, Mr. Dai Guanchun, Partner of Jingtian Gongcheng Law Firm, Mr. Du Yixing, Head of the Beijing University, Mr. Fu Huixing, Partner of Beijing Daming Law Firm Mr. Fu Huixing, China Mr. He Bing, Deputy General Manager of Legal Department of Law and Equipment Co., Ltd. Mr. Li Hongji, Partner of Tongzhou Law Firm, Ms. Li Jiayao, Representative Office of Gao Weishen Law Firm, Mr. Li Jie, Manager of Business Center, Mr. Li Jingchuan, Partner of Tianyi (Beijing) Law Firm, Mr. Li Qi, Partner of Tianyuan Law Firm, Mr. Liang Zhenyu, Partner of Beijing Chenye Law Firm, Mr. Liu Sijia, Partner of Jindu Law Firm, Chief Executive Officer of Ctrip Ms. Sun Qiaoling, Associate Professor, School of Law, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Mr. Tian Feilong, Prof. Wang Danqing, Manager of China Patent Attorney (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., Mr. Wang Jialu, Partner of Business Law Firm, Beijing Yingke Law Firm Mr. Zhang Xiaochen, former director of China State Pacific Stock Exchange, Mr. Zhao Hao, Manager of Human Resources Department of National SME Share Transfer System Company, Partner of Zhong Lun Law Firm, Mr. Zhang Yongjian, former Director of China Technology Exchange Co., Ltd., Mr. Zhu Maoyuan attended the ceremony, Dean of Law School Zhang Shouwen, vice president and party secretary Pan Jianfeng, vice president Guo Li, Xue Jun, Ye Xiaogan, Ge Yunsong, Wang Xin, Fu Yulin, Xu Defeng, Zhao Xiaohai, Ye Shan, Che Hao, Peng Hong, the party of the party committee, deputy secretary of the party committee Jiang Jiang, and Wang Jiancheng, Liang Guilin, Wang Hui, Shu Ping, sticky Yi Jia, Chen Zhihong, Shi Shi, Du Xuejiao, Hou Le, Lu Xinxin, JiaWeiwei, Qingge Le, Wang Bingshan, Fu Chengyu and other faculty attended the ceremony. 2017 Law School session of all graduates, some graduates parents attended the ceremony. The ceremony was chaired by Professor Pan Jianfeng.


First of all, the host announced the ceremony began to introduce the guests and teachers.


Followed by an outstanding graduate ceremony. Mr. Pan Jianfeng read the list of students who won the "Outstanding Graduates of Beijing" and "Outstanding Graduates of Peking University". More than 90 winners came to accept the award and took pictures with the guests and teachers.



Law School 87 undergraduate alumni, Ctrip CEO Sun Jie, on behalf of the guests speech. She shared her career at Peking University Law School and overseas, as well as her career from Silicon Valley to Ctrip, combined with personal and family entrepreneurial experiences, encouraging students to be curious, challenging themselves, innovating, looking for explosive growth, Struggle at the same time love life, love life, and the identity of the North adults to shoulder the whole country and the whole world to become better responsibility.


Faculty of Law Professor Peng Chun speaks on behalf of teachers. He is the identity of the people out of their own understanding of the professional and life and understanding, hope that the students will always keep a broad inner home and curiosity of the world, to freedom of wealth, more spiritual freedom, in the dream of trying to rush road do not lose the health, conscience and meaning, embracing a generous, long and warm life.


Law School 2016 Chinese law project master, British students Lauren Gest and 2013 undergraduate Li Mengmei, respectively, on behalf of graduates to speak. They recalled the colorful life of the four years of Yan Yuan, described the Peking University legal person in their own left a deep mark, I hope the students in every important moment to understand the rhetoric of the law to explain the hearts of the most sincere good and Love, and make a choice worthy of the Peking University legal person.



In the graduates were carefully prepared Xie Shi link, Xu Haozhe, Wei Ran, Xu Wenni and other seven graduates brought a small chorus "Little Lucky (Law School Edition)", and for the guests and teachers to send graduation special commemorative gift Express your sincere gratitude to the mentor.


Finally, the Dean of Law School Zhang Shouwen speech. He first expressed the warm welcome to the teachers, the parents, the graduates of the sincere congratulations, and then from Bo, Ya, Ta three words extended, I hope the students can Bozhao knowledge, knowledgeable, broad-minded, Germany And even Bo, regardless of where they are to keep their elegant, clear gas, righteousness, adhere to independent thinking, independent judgments, stick to their own heart of the tower, issued their own light, and ultimately become conducive to society, the people of the pagoda.


Law School 2017 graduates farewell ceremony in the law school original song "youth probably" melodious melody in the successful conclusion. Teachers earnestly teach, alumni and classmates of the cordial exchanges, the students on the alma mater of the boxing fist love, will become 2017 graduates of the hearts of eternal memories.

Translated by: AoMinyu

Edited by: Wang Huiyong