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The LLM Program Students Visited The Supreme Court

On April 18th, the Chinese Law LL.M. Program students and some exchange students visited The Supreme Court. Deputy Director-General, China institute of Applied Jurisprudence Professor Cao Shouye and Researcher Ding Wenyan welcomed our students and gave them an excellent lecture.

Firstly,Senior Judge Cao Shouye illustrated the jurisdiction system in China and the reformof our country's judicial system. He emphasized fair and effective judicature is the target of judiciary system reform.Then, Researcher Ding Wenyan told us about the establishing the intellectual property rights appellate court and The precedent judgment system in intellectual property cases. Later,Senior Judge Cao Shouye provided good answers to the questions raised by our students regarding extraterritorial jurisdiction and the case-guiding system in China. Finally, the judges use their own experience to encourage our students to apply the knowledge into practice.

Then, the students took photos with two judges and visited conference rooms and court rooms in the Supreme Court.

The visit provides students a direct way to understand Chinese judicial system. All the students benefit from this experience.