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Law School 2017 Scholarship Awards Ceremony Held Successfully

April 28 and May 5, 2017, two law school 2017 scholarship awards ceremonies was held in the form of "award ceremony + interactive communication" . Twelve scholarships were awarded at the two venues. More than twenty set of award-winning guests, law school party secretary, vice president Pan Jianfeng, deputy secretary of the low school party committee Lu Jiangnan, the Communist Youth League secretary, student work office director Shishi, director of the employment guidance office Hou Le, deputy director of student work office Wang Bingshan attended the ceremony. All the winning students attended the ceremony. The ceremony was chaired by teacher Shishi.

At the ceremony, the party secretary and vice president of the School of Law, Pan Jianfeng, welcomed the arrival of the distinguished guests and congratulated the winning students. He pointed out that in recent years, Peking University Law School take scholarships as the education work space, and with the community support and help we gradually formed a relatively mature talent training model, more and more social donation scholarships have become an important support for the personnel training of Peking University law school. He said that the efforts of setting awards to help the Peking University Law School education career development was an inexhaustible motive force. He hoped that the law school and the donators in the future will have more close cooperation and co-training of high-quality legal personnel.

Law School deputy secretary of the party committee introduced gratifying achievements of the law school in recent years, emphasized the school year scholarships in the number of winners, types of scholarships and other aspects of the development, pointed out that the law school has always been committed to training Germany and France Repair outstanding legal talent by providing all kinds of high-quality resources and caring for the growth of every student. At the same time, the teacher Lu Jiangnan also gave a sincere thanks to all donators, and said the college will continue to deepen cooperation with the community and help students develop their talents.

Subsequently, the donators issued certificates for the award-winning students. The scholarships awarded in two awards ceremonies are  8215 scholarships, 85 alumni scholarships, Peking University Yinghua scholarships, Peking University Fabao academic scholarships, Fonda learning scholarships, Ouhua  scholarships, Youth Dream scholarships, Sun Li scholarships, Taihetai scholarships, Yu Chao scholarships and other twelve scholarships. Photos were taken to mark the occasion after the awarding.

After that, the representative of the students gave a speech. The students expressed their heartfelt thanks for the strong support of the donators and the hard work of the college teachers, and said that they would use the scholarships and live up to the expectations of the donators and the teachers of the college, and make persistent efforts in the future study and life. And they would also strive to improve their overall quality, and take on the social responsibilities.

After that, the guests were invited to speak. The guests expressed their appreciation for the excellent quality of the award-winning students and congratulated them on their progress and achievements and pointed out that the establishment of scholarships had positive significance for law schools, award-winning students and award-winning parties. It is hoped that the students will pay attention to the combination of academic research and vocational training in the future, in all aspects to enhance their character and personality charm, for the construction of the rule of law and legal career development to make their own contribution.


Finally, the guests and the award-winning students exchanged freely, and the atmosphere was warm.


In the 2015-2016 school year, Peking University Law School has a total of 64 scholarships, the total amount is more than 4.4 million, and has rewarded more than 480 students. The size and quality of scholarships in this school year have made new breakthroughs in projectization, typification and platformization, which will help to encourage students to combine theory and practice, solid knowledge and enhance practical level.

The scholarship ceremony shows the outstanding quality of the students of the law school, and has promoted the close cooperation between the law school and the legal practice industry, and has set up a high-quality platform for the exchange of outstanding students and legal practitioners. During the full communication with the guests, the students have deepened their understanding of the legal profession, enhanced their understanding of legal learning and legal practice, and strengthened their determination to study, and develop outstanding legal talents in accordance with social needs. Law School will continue to expand resources, and vigorously promote the training of personnel innovation, provide a broader platform for students.


Translated by: Lu Chunguang

Edited by: Zhou Wenhao