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Students in PKU Comparative Civil and Commercial Law Courses visited the world's top 500 enterprises

In April 21, 2017, Students in PKULS Comparative Civil and Commercial Law Courses visited the Korea Pohang (China) Investment Co., Ltd. (POSCO-CHINA) China headquarters, having a close contact with one of the world's top 500 enterprises——POSCO.

POSCO, the world's top comprehensive steel plant, with world’s first annual output Pohang and Gwangyang iron-making Corp, invests and builds factories in China, Vietnam, Central and South America and other regions, having been in the leading position in the global integrated iron and steel enterprises. In 1991, POSCO set up a Beijing representative office. In the late 90s POSCO began to invest and build production base and processing center. So far, POSCO has more than 50 investment companies, has accumulated up to 4.5 billion investment in China.

POSCO Greater China Chairman and General Manager Zheng Changhe and colleagues on behalf of the company warmly welcome the PKULS teachers and students. The section chief Jin Ying introduced POSCO investment in China, brand value, the future vision and so on to the teachers and students. Then chairman Zheng Changhe personally told the POSCO as a representative of the Korean state-owned enterprises how to successfully complete the privatization reform. Through the chairman’s vivid explanation, the students understand how difficult the South Korean "King of Steel" Pu Taijun to create POSCO and the development and expansion of POSCO to complete the successful transformation, having a new understanding of POSCO.

Chairman Zheng Changhe tells the privatization of the company

Subsequently, accompanied by Minister of Public Relations Cui Wenhao, the students came to the POSCO "Pohang Window" publicity center. Through the image data and simulation show, students more intuitive understand POSCO world's leading R & D technology, corporate culture, public service and received various honors in China. In the first floor of the product display hall area, the students also visited the POSCO products and their products in various fields in a wide range of applications.

The students visit the publicity Center

The students watch the image data

Finally, Dr. Min Yingmei thanked POSCO-CHINA for offering opportunities for PKULS students to visit and study, and presented souvenirs to Chairman Zheng Changhe and Minister Cui Wenhao respectively. This visiting activities promote the interaction between well-known enterprises and PKULS, making the students more in-depth understanding of the advanced enterprise culture, unyielding entrepreneurial spirit and outstanding corporate social responsibility. Students generally reflect the visit for future learning goals and personal development of great inspiration.

Translated by: Yang Xiaoxiao

Edited by: Wang Mi